#BlogFlash2013 Day 2 – Technology

Today is Day 2 and the prompt is Technology. My take on this is to show how different generations either embrace technology or run from it.



“What’ve you got there, Zoe?”

“It’s an e-reader, Granddad,” Zoe replied nonchalantly, barely raising her eyes from the screen.

“A what?” Granddad ask, puzzled.

Zoe dragged herself back into the real world, miffed at being interrupted. She’d just reached a thrilling bit and was desperate to find out what would happen next. “An e-reader. It’s like a mini computer to store electronic books on.”

Granddad huffed. “Electronic books? Whatever next? What’s wrong with reading a proper book? This is technology gone mad!”

“I do read paperbacks, but this is portable and stores over a thousand!”

“Damn computers!” Her author Grandfather growled.