Cover Reveal – Hunted Heart by Alison DeLuca

When my friend and colleague, Alison DeLuca, asked me to do a cover reveal for her new novel, I didn’t hesitate. Already a fan of her Crown Phoenix series, I was intrigued by the idea of this new novel. I asked her where she got the idea for this fairytale with a twist.

“I met a friend online who gave me a prompt for Hunted Heart. Her idea was to have a strong heroine as the Hunter from Snow White who is given the job of killing the prince. Heartbreak, magic mirrors, and poisoned apples all wound themselves into the plot, and fifty thousand words later I had an adult take on the fairytale.

My publishing group, Myrddin Publishing, does a charity publication each year in December. This year my Myrddin effort is Hunted Heart and all royalties will be donated to Save the Children. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and you can add it to your reading lists on Goodreads.”

Here’s the blurb:

When Tali is hired to cut out the heart of Prince Kas, the huntress can’t refuse. Tali realizes there is no escape from the dark magic of the queen’s mirror, even though her own feelings for the prince are far too complex to understand.

As they try to run from their shared destiny, Tali and Kas have to rely on their wits and each other as hunter becomes prey and hearts are won and lost.

 A genderbent Snow White for adults (18+ only.)

Wow! Fascinated yet? I certainly am.

Let’s have a fanfare as I reveal the amazing cover:



















OMG! I think Lisa Daly, Alison’s cover designer has done an awesome job with this. Don’t you agree?

Pre-order this now and help raise money for this excellent cause.

Meet the author:

Alison DeLuca

Alison DeLuca


About the author: Alison DeLuca is the author of several fantasy and steampunk novels. Currently she lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter, where she wrestles words and laundry.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Goodreads.