#BlogFlash2013 Day 7 – Nature

When you think of nature, there are so many aspects to explore, so much you can write about. Seeing today’s prompt, I decided to focus on just one – a memory from the most wonderful holiday I’ve ever had; St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.


nature1Wearing my mask and snorkel, I jump into the warm Caribbean Sea and begin to explore. I see Rays lazily weaving through the water; fish of all different sizes and colours, some darting away while others hang around to stare back. Plant-life clings to the rocks, barely swaying in the calm tide; crabs scuttle along looking for food and shelter.

Climbing back on the boat, we move to deeper waters. My heart fills with joy as Bottlenose dolphins, my favourite creatures, swim alongside, occasionally jumping through the waves.

Just one tiny part of nature, yet so beautiful, I’m rendered speechless.



In The Woods #BlogFlash2012

Hi. It’s Day 24 already and I can’t believe we’ve only got 6 more posts after today and then #BlogFlash2012 is finished. Anyway today’s prompt is In The Woods. As I wrote a dark-ish one for the Forest prompt, I decided to go the opposite way for this one.


In The Woods

I love wandering through woods. There’s a real sense of getting back in touch with nature and I’m lucky we have some great ones only a short-ish car journey from where I live.

As a writer, I find getting away from the hustle and bustle of town living very therapeutic. Wandering amongst the trees, ferns and brackens, and seeing some wildlife not only calms and relaxes me, I find a great deal of inspiration there.

The way the sun peeps through the arboreal canopy, the colours of foliage and wild flowers, enriches me in ways nowhere else can.


Wild At Heart #BlogFlash2012

Hi. The #BlogFlash2012 Day 18 prompt is Wild At Heart. There are so many ways this topic can be explored and here are my thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy it.


Wild At Heart

Sometimes I yearn to break free from the yoke society places on us; I think there’s an adventurer in all of us straining at the leash.

Breaking free

There are so many adventures I’d love to experience: skydiving, as I love flying; an archaeological dig and finding a rare treasure; getting back in touch with nature in all its glory; roaming the world, finding tiny places/islands and exploring them.

But most of all I’d love to dive into a fantasy world, where magic is the norm and I’m a powerful mage who saves the day.

I can dream, can’t I?