#AprilPrompts Day 12 – Infinity

This was a hard prompt to work with – until my lovely Muse gave me some food for thought . . .


Day 12 - Infinity

Day 12 – Infinity

When we’re young, we think we have an eternity to do all the things we dream about; we don’t consider how short our fragile lives really are.

As a teenager, I wanted to travel the world, have a successful career, a comfortable life and eventually find someone I would love for all time. And I thought I had endless time in which to achieve my goals.


Even in my twenties, I still believed I had infinity ahead of me.

But one day I woke up and I was forty. Abruptly I came to realise my life span was capped. I didn’t have the alleged limitless time of my youth and what was worse, I hadn’t managed to fulfil all the dreams I once held.


Losing my parents was a wake-up call. It taught me, not only that my life wasn’t infinite, rather it was too short to be unhappy and not doing things I love. So I started making changes.

I walked away from a miserable marriage where I was mistreated and started living for me.

Plunging headlong into a new world, with hope in my heart, I devote myself to writing and my daughter. I don’t have infinity, but I’m happy!

infinity 2


#AprilPrompts Day 2 – Muse

Is it a coincidence that one of my favourite bands is Muse? I’m not sure. I listen to their music quite a bit when I’m writing as it inspires me. But there is another Muse who inspires me more . . .


Day 2 - Muse

Day 2 – Muse

A Muse is a writer’s best friend. They give us inspiration, ideas and help us on our writing journey.

When I began writing Heart Search: Lost, I didn’t know who my Muse was. However, a clairvoyant friend gave me a reading and since then, I’ve got to know her very well.

Catherine (I’m not sure if she spells it with a C or K though), my Muse, lived in the sixteenth century.  She has an oval face, gentle hazel eyes, pale lips and is quite pretty. Her hair is dark brown and hangs in ringlet-type curls down to her knees. She wears a long, jade green, velvet dress typical of the times and an unusual amulet hangs around her neck.


She was an herbalist and healer – a dangerous profession to have in those days. She loved to help people and was very generous, often giving medicine away for free to families who couldn’t afford to pay for it.

It’s not clear who in her village accused her of witchcraft, but she was ambushed in the woods one day when she was picking herbs and murdered, driven through by a sword.

Catherine is always with me and I treasure her.


#BlogFlash2013 Day 13 – Darkness

When I saw today’s prompt, my Muse took me on a different journey into darkness – that of the psyche. Some people believe there is good in everyone, if you just dig deep enough, but there are some individuals who are so far past redemption it’s frightening.



The psychiatrist reviewed the file. The man had begun by pulling legs off crane flies before moving on to torturing and killing pets. The doctor was repulsed by the way his patient had proudly described his imaginative methods.

Soon after, the madman had expanded his repertoire to include children and young women. What he did to them was so disgusting the doctor’s hands shook as he read the details.

There was darkness in the man’s soul, something festering, malevolent and evil; Satan had surely invaded this foul creature. His dark eyes, like death personified, pierced deeply as he grinned.


Seven Cans Short of a Six-Pack?

A writer’s life can be quite strange in some ways. That’s not to say we’re strange people (well maybe a few are, but on the whole…), but strange things happen to us. Let me explain.

I can only tell you how it is from my perspective, but some of my author friends have voiced the same things so I know I’m not alone here.

When I’m working on Heart Search: Found (book 2 in the trilogy), I’m totally focused on it to the extent I sometimes forget to eat lunch (like yesterday). I’m totally engrossed in the story I’m creating, the interaction between the characters, building the next twist, where I’m taking it next, but at the same time the story seems to write itself. I start writing a chapter knowing what I’ve got planned for it and suddenly I find I’ve thrown a curve ball into the mix and something I’ve not planned for takes shape on the pages. It happened when I was writing Heart Search:Lost (book 1) as well.

In some ways it’s like the books actually write themselves and I’m just the channel to put the words on the screen. I believe my Muse has something to do with it. Many writers believe they have a Muse who helps and guides them on their writing journey – I know I have, and can describe her, tell you her name and a little of her history! But anyway, I digress.

It’s when I’m away from Heart Search that things get strange. On the rare occasions these days when I leave the house, I watch people more closely than before, scrutinising their expressions, mannerisms and listening to the inflections in their voices when they speak (that’s probably one for another post), basically anything I can use to help bring my characters to life. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time know my feelings on this matter, but for those of you who have just found me, check out the archives and you’ll see how much emphasis I place on making characters real so readers can relate to them.

The other things I suffer from are random characters running around in my head begging me to tell their stories. They have nothing to do with my current project and yet they make themselves known to me. They give me just enough to pique my interest and if I’m able, I jot down some notes for future reference. I just never know when one or more of these characters will make it into one of my stories.

In addition, I get new story ideas floating around and they can appear at the most random places and times. The weirdest things can set this off; an overheard conversation, a painting in a shop window, a building, a person, or just walking (or in my case hobbling) or driving somewhere and letting my mind wander.

If I write all the story ideas running around my head which I’ve made note of, I’m going to be writing about 30 books and that’s just what I’ve got at the moment!

I love how inspiration for a story can appear ‘out of nowhere’ – it’s strange when it happens, but it’s what we writers live for, to get that spark to start the next book or a new twist for one we’re working on. It’s our form of sustenance and without it, we can’t create the stories to entertain you.

So the next time you’re walking down the street and you see someone grab a small notebook and start frantically scribbling or they have a slightly glazed look in their eyes, don’t write them off as someone who’s seven cans short of a six-pack, they’re probably authors getting inspiration for what could well be the next best seller!