#AprilPrompts Day 16 – Hospital

This post was a difficult one for me to write. It’s a very condensed version of the last hour I spent with my mother. She passed away on 23rd April 2004.


Day 16 - Hospital

Day 16 – Hospital

I sat by the bed and held her hand. She writhed in pain in her drug-induced coma; soft moans escaped her dry lips, piercing me through the heart like poison-tipped arrows.

I spoke words of comfort and love, not knowing if she could hear me, but hoping just the same. Wishing my voice would penetrate through the pain so she knew I was there and wasn’t alone; praying she could feel my hand and derive some solace from it.

Her soft moans became agonised cries and I called for a nurse. Responding quickly, the uniformed angel explained the morphine wasn’t enough and a heroin/morphine mix would have to be administered. She bustled away, returning minutes later with a syringe. The contents were injected and the cries ceased.

Fifteen minutes later, her breathing changed, became laboured and I called the nurse again. After one glance, she turned to me, her sad eyes. “I’m sorry, she’s going.”

“Please, call my family?” I asked. She nodded. Somehow I knew they wouldn’t arrive in time.

I sat and cuddled Mum in her hospital room until she stopped breathing.

I felt Dad’s spirit by her bed – he waited for her – and despite my grief, I was glad they were reunited.




Busy #BlogFlash2012

Hi, today’s prompt on Day 4 is ‘Busy’ so here is my take on it. Hope you like it!

A little word conjures numerous different pictures:

A mother dressing young children






A husband with hammer and nails






Children doing their lessons





A mechanic fixing a car





A hairdresser snipping and combing





A child colouring a picture





A model posing for a photographer





An executive poring over figures






An editor scrutinising a manuscript





A musician practising for a concert





An artist painting on canvas





A baker extracting fresh bread from an oven





A farmer ploughing and sowing





A delivery man driving to his next drop






A florist making a bouquet





A writer creating new worlds and characters







Are you busy?