#BlogFlash2013 Day 13 – Darkness

When I saw today’s prompt, my Muse took me on a different journey into darkness – that of the psyche. Some people believe there is good in everyone, if you just dig deep enough, but there are some individuals who are so far past redemption it’s frightening.



The psychiatrist reviewed the file. The man had begun by pulling legs off crane flies before moving on to torturing and killing pets. The doctor was repulsed by the way his patient had proudly described his imaginative methods.

Soon after, the madman had expanded his repertoire to include children and young women. What he did to them was so disgusting the doctor’s hands shook as he read the details.

There was darkness in the man’s soul, something festering, malevolent and evil; Satan had surely invaded this foul creature. His dark eyes, like death personified, pierced deeply as he grinned.