#AprilPrompts Day 14 – Promise

Throughout our lives we make all sorts of promises to different people. Scouts and Girl Guides make promises on their enrolment, witnesses in court promise to tell the truth, Presidents, Kings and Queens promise to defend their country, and friends make various promises to each other. But how much importance is placed on those promises?


Day 14 - Promise

Day 14 – Promise

To me, a promise is a sacred vow and not something to be entered into lightly. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the oath so seriously.

An excellent case in point is marriage vows. When standing at the altar or before a celebrant, a couple promise each other to be faithful, to cherish, love, protect and care for each other no matter what life throws at them, yet so many women (and occasionally men) are subjected to the worst kinds of abuse at the hands of the person they made their vows with.


When one party is psychologically torturing, or beating their spouse on a regular basis, do they ever think back to the promise they made? Of course not! How could they be if they’re treating their life partner worse than they would an animal?


If we think back to our grandparents’ generation, the instances of divorce were far less common, and although abuse did go on behind closed doors, it was not such a regular occurrence. In those days, wedding vows were a life-long commitment. But one key difference was respect. Spouses were valued by each other, over and above the love they shared.

Perhaps that’s what is missing today . . .




#BlogFlash2013 Day 16 – Community

I want to dedicate this post to a very special group of people – my colleagues and friends at my publishing group.



Eight months ago, I was invited to join Myrddin Publishing Group, a community of indie authors dedicated to supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence.

At the time, I was the unpublished newbie in a sea of published authors, most of whom had an established fan base, and I felt something of a fraud. Who was I to rub shoulders with this elite group?

From day one, I was welcomed. The community ensured I was included in everything and felt comfortable.

The support I’ve received from them has been incredible; I’m so thankful and love them all dearly.

MP Oak BEST light

#BlogFlash2013 Day 15 – Friendship

I’m very lucky to have some wonderful friends. My dearest friend, Jakki, is also my alpha reader for my novels. As tempting as it was to write about my long-standing friendship with Jakki, I decided to put a different slant on the prompt. I hope you like it!



Many’s the time my shoulder has been soaked by her tears. We’ve discussed boys, fashion, make-up and music. We’ve pondered career choices and decisions, weighing up the pros and cons of potential new jobs.

Together we’ve shared loads of laughter and too many tears to count. She has been my rock, my support system when the world has collapsed around my ears and I’ve done the same for her.

Sharing our lives through illness, grief, pain and sorrow as well as celebrations, love and good times; I’ve held her hand and felt joy hearing the words, “You’re my best friend, Mum.”


#BlogFlash2013 Day 6 – Island

When I first saw today’s prompt, it conjured the image of a tropical paradise, palm trees, golden beaches, sun and exotic blooms, and I guess that’s what most of us would think of, dream of even. But then the title of a world famous poem came into my head and I felt compelled to read it. Afterwards my thoughts were deep, philosophical and I began to write . . .

Inspired by the title, “No Man Is An Island” by John Donne.


island1 Just think how lonely we would be, if each of us was our own island. We would stand a solitary figure, isolated by sea, imprisoned in our thoughts.

In our aloneness, would we recognise the beauty surrounding us? Would we reach out to others and find solace with them?

Even an island needs to be shown love, be free to accept love and give love in return. An island has to interact with the world around it to stay strong and healthy.

Your island is deserving of wonderful things, but most of all the unconditional love of friends and family.

island 2

I Am Blessed! (Blog Tour – week 3)

It’s not until you undertake something like a Blog Tour that you realise just how supportive the writing community is and what good friends you’ve made during your journey.

Every single cast member of my Blog Tour have gone out of their way to promote not only their own posts, but those of others in the tour. Each person has presented their posts in a wonderful and appealing way to give followers and readers the best experience they can. Some have been rather creative in their presentations too, which is only to be expected really as we writers are a creative bunch! [chuckles]

On social media platforms, mainly Twitter and Facebook, information has been shared and retweeted by other authors not taking part in the Blog Tour – such is the ethos in the writing world: Authors Helping Authors. I’ve been gobsmacked by the support I’ve received thus far and we still have a week of the tour to go! What other surprises have they in store for me? I can’t help but wonder.

I truly feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community and thank everyone for their fabulous efforts on my behalf in bringing news of Heart Search: Lost to the world.

We’ve only got one week to go until the climax of the tour on All Hallows Eve, so let’s finish this as we started, with lots of noise and an almighty BANG! And if you haven’t entered the fab giveaway yet, get in quick! The answer you seek is in my previous post and the link for the giveaway is in the sidebar! Good Luck!

Aftermath #BlogFlash2012

Hi. I felt a little lost this morning. For the last 30 days we had the task of wrestling with a prompt, trying to come up with something creative and entertaining yet staying within the word limit. It was no easy task I can tell you – but I loved every minute of it! There’s nothing like stretching those creative muscles in the brain to set you up for the day! I’d like to share with you some of my experiences from taking part in this event and my feelings about it.


To begin with, the support and encouragement we all received from Terri Giuliano Long was fantastic. She was a superb host, came up with some challenging prompts for us and made a point of commenting on our work every day. We all owe her a huge debt of thanks. Her posts were pretty awesome and very insightful on occasions too!

Part of the challenge was to visit at least 5 other blogs each day to see what they’d written and leave a comment. I think I ended up visiting virtually all the blogs almost every day, but it was so worth it. All the people who took part in this challenge are wonderfully talented and it was interesting to see how many different takes came from the same prompt. Some of the people even did a series for the whole 30 days, leaving us in suspense until Day 30 to find out whether there was a happy or successful ending; the way these writers worked the prompts into their stories was awesome and incredibly creative.

I feel I’ve made some great new friends from taking part in #BlogFlash2012 and fully intend to keep in contact with them, either through their blogs or on Twitter. I’ll miss the day to day interaction with them though. Those that visited this blog left lovely and encouraging comments about my writing, which has boosted my confidence.

I’ve also had some awesome comments from my followers who aren’t involved in the challenge too – thank you all for your great support!

As for me, wearing my writer’s hat, I believe I’ve grown even more in my ability by taking part in this challenge. Some of the prompts were quite easy to write about, some dregged up painful memories and beautiful ones too, but some really stretched my imagination as well as my writing skills. It’s not easy to tell a story in 100 words or less. Ultimately, I feel that my writing has improved, and I proved to myself that I can write in genres other than just fantasy. I’m very sad it’s over!

So, would I take part in the next #BlogFlash? You try stopping me!!