#BlogFlash2013 Day 13 – Darkness

When I saw today’s prompt, my Muse took me on a different journey into darkness – that of the psyche. Some people believe there is good in everyone, if you just dig deep enough, but there are some individuals who are so far past redemption it’s frightening.



The psychiatrist reviewed the file. The man had begun by pulling legs off crane flies before moving on to torturing and killing pets. The doctor was repulsed by the way his patient had proudly described his imaginative methods.

Soon after, the madman had expanded his repertoire to include children and young women. What he did to them was so disgusting the doctor’s hands shook as he read the details.

There was darkness in the man’s soul, something festering, malevolent and evil; Satan had surely invaded this foul creature. His dark eyes, like death personified, pierced deeply as he grinned.



A Flash of Inspiration – Or Is It?

The next post to appear for the Heart Search Blog Tour was written for C M Skiera. He gave me the topic of inspiration to write about and I decided I was going to do something a little different for this one. Here is the end result.

Inspiration – what does that word mean to you? In the dictionary it’s defined as:            1. Stimulation to do creative work; stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art [found inspiration in the landscape around her]. 2. Somebody or something that inspires; somebody or something that inspires somebody to creative thought or to the making of art [His book is an inspiration to all would-be travellers]. 3. Creativeness; the quality of being stimulated to create thought or activity, or the manifestation of this [a moment of inspiration].

As writers we all need inspiration to put pen to paper or our fingers on the keyboard. Yet there’s a missing ingredient here – imagination. To me, inspiration and imagination go hand in hand, like eggs and bacon or toast and marmalade. Yes you can have eggs without the bacon or toast without the marmalade, but will it taste as good?

So let’s explore imagination for a minute. As children we had truckloads of it; we would do drawing and paintings, play with dolls or toy soldiers making things up as we went along yet as we grow into adulthood our imagination seems to get stifled by life. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to let our imagination run riot when we’re worried about paying bills, work, and maybe we’ve got kids and a spouse. But to be a writer we need to allow our imagination out of its box and go wild.

The dictionary defines imagination as: 1. Ability to visualise; the ability to form images and ideas in the mind, especially of things never seen or experienced directly. 2. Creative part of mind; the part of the mind where ideas, thoughts and images are formed.

Do you see the link between the two definitions?

Okay, so let’s put the two together and see what we get. Your scenario is – you’re out for a drive in the countryside and you come across a little church tucked away behind some trees or bushes. You’re intrigued so you stop for a closer look. It’s just a small abandoned church with weeds and overgrown grass in the yard. Or is it? Now let your imagination soar . . .

Why is the church abandoned? Perhaps it was used for pagan or satanic worship and a posse of god-fearing folk drove them out. Maybe there was a small town around the church at one time – what happened to the people and houses? Did a plague wipe out the town and the homes razed to the ground to eradicate the disease? Was there something supernatural which drove the people away, like a poltergeist? Perhaps a serial killer methodically wiped out the town, one family at a time. Did extra-terrestrials have something to do with it?

Going back to the church itself, is something hidden in the crypt, something magical? Is someone or something evil buried beneath the church? Is the crypt now used as a vampire’s resting place? And what about the churchyard – have the grass and weeds been allowed to grow wild to hide something? If so, what could it be? Do some of the gravestones hide clues to a secret treasure or symbols to summon demonic forces.

Now you’ve let your imagination picture all these possibilities for a simple abandoned church, you have created the inspiration to work some magic with it. Now you can grab your keyboard or pad and pen and begin to sketch out a story. Once you’ve decided which scenario you’re going to write about you can then start thinking about characters and building your plot.

Anything you see, no matter how ordinary can be made extraordinary just by using your imagination. This also applies to people. A man walking down the street looking shabby could be a millionaire, a celebrity in disguise, a spy, a witch hunter, a wizard or a homeless ex-soldier.

If you struggle to find inspiration for your writing it’s probably because you’re not allowing your imagination to feed it. So as you travel to work, walk down the shops or out in the countryside, or drive somewhere in your car, really open your eyes, let your imagination take flight and allow yourself to be inspired.

The lesson from this is that inspiration is all around us – we’ve just got to open our eyes and see!

Forest #BlogFlash2012

Hi. We’re up to Day 13 of the #BlogFlash2012 and today’s prompt is Forest. I decided to change things around a bit and make this darker than my previous posts. I hope you enjoy it!




“It’s a bit further, where those rocks are,” Jason pointed ahead as they trampled through the ferns carpeting the forest floor. Ian rushed ahead weaving around the centuries-old trees.

They reached the moss-covered rocks and stopped to catch their breath; shafts of light pierced the arboreal canopy.

“So where is it then?” Ian demanded.

Jason moved further around and pulled aside foliage covering the entrance to a cave. Ian entered turning on his torch.

Ian enters the cave

“Cool! Hey, look at these markings,” Ian said tracing his finger over them.

With a defeaning crash, a rock sealed the entrance completely.

An evil grin crossed Jason’s face as he walked away alone.

Jason walks away . . .