Children #BlogFlash2012

Hi. It’s Day 14 and today’s #BlogFlash prompt is Children. Again I thought I’d try something a little different today so I hope you like it.

Being a mother, I know how demanding children can be, but much more importantly I know how rewarding it is to carry and give birth, to nuture a child, to teach them and bring them up the best way you can. Children can bring so much joy to our lives, they enrich them in so many ways. Yes, it can be an emotional rollercoaster, but nothing in the world can replace or even come close to the unconditional love shared between a parent and a child – it is the most precious and beautiful thing in the world.



Messy handprints everywhere

Crayon scribbles on the wall

An overflowing toy box

A massive yellow ball






Cuddly toys strewn on the beds

A doll left on the stair

A small soft bristled hairbrush

Strands of golden hair











A picture book of fairy tales

Lying on the floor

Another bedtime story

Read sixteen times before









Dinnertime well past

Dirty faces washed for bed

Hugs, kisses and goodnights

Tonight’s story read

Mum and Dad creep down

It’s their time of night

They cuddle on the sofa

And dim down the light.











Busy #BlogFlash2012

Hi, today’s prompt on Day 4 is ‘Busy’ so here is my take on it. Hope you like it!

A little word conjures numerous different pictures:

A mother dressing young children






A husband with hammer and nails






Children doing their lessons





A mechanic fixing a car





A hairdresser snipping and combing





A child colouring a picture





A model posing for a photographer





An executive poring over figures






An editor scrutinising a manuscript





A musician practising for a concert





An artist painting on canvas





A baker extracting fresh bread from an oven





A farmer ploughing and sowing





A delivery man driving to his next drop






A florist making a bouquet





A writer creating new worlds and characters







Are you busy?