#AprilPrompts Day 21 – Blue

I’ve noticed quite a number of my posts throughout April have been quite dark, so have decided to make a change for this prompt. Today’s little tale has a feel-good ending. I hope you like it.


blue 1st

Amy sat in the garden sipping her first cup of tea of the day. Shielding her eyes from the blazing light of the early morning sun, she gazed into the cerulean sky. No clouds marred the beautiful blue – it was going to be a scorcher!

She cast her mind back just two short months. Lying in hospital, with the awful cocktail of drugs pumping into her weakened body, she couldn’t go outside and her only view of the blue sky she loved was through the windows. She could cope with how sick they made her and losing her hair, but not being outside and able to gaze up at the azure firmament was more of a blow.

Being allowed home filled her with joy. Amy loved eating breakfast in the garden; listening to the birds chirping, smelling the sweet fragrance of the blooms and sitting under the summer sky, well there was no better way to start the day.

The phone rang and Amy picked it up. As she listened to the caller, tears started to stream down her face. She mumbled, “Thank you,” and ended the call.

There would be plenty of blue skies now – the cancer was gone!




Blue #BlogFlash2012

Hi. Today is Day 25 of #BlogFlash2012 and our prompt today is Blue. You might think a colour is quite limiting, yet this one opens many doors. Here is the door it opened for me.



It’s my favourite colour, especially royal blue. Yet, there have been times in my life when blue has had a different meaning altogether.

When you lose someone very dear and you dive mindlessly and uncontrollably into grief, blue is the colour of your days, not in your physical surroundings, but in your head and mood.



It’s like being surrounded by a blue bubble. You go about your daily tasks and speak when spoken to yet your blue bubble is like your comfort zone. It was a protective layer I wrapped myself in until I was ready to face the world again.