Night #BlogFlash 2012

Hi Everyone. It’s Day 21 and the #BlogFlash prompt for today is Night. There’s something fascinating about looking up at the night sky, seeing the moon and stars, and letting your mind just wander and imagine what could be out there in the universe – things/places/other species which we haven’t discovered yet. Anyway, I decided yet again to try something different for this post and I hope you like it.



Onyx satin above our heads

Half orb of opal luminescence

Reflection causing a halo of light

Diamonds glisten radiantly

Making shapes across the firmament

A hoot nearby breaks the silence

An owl spreads its wings taking flight

A cloud of bats journey

Exploring, hunting for sustenance

In the quiet, tiny creatures rustle

Moving in the safe camouflage

I sit and gaze in wondrous awe

My bed beckons, tiredness ignored

The magic of the night surrounds me

Welcomes me into its heart

And I succumb to its delights.