Sports #BlogFlash2012

Hi. The days seem to be rushing by now – it’s already Day 20 of #Blogflash2012. Today’s prompt is Sports. In a way it’s a pity this prompt didn’t come up earlier in the month bearing in mind the Olympics were still in full swing. If it had, I may have written something with a completely different slant to it. However, I decided to share a tiny part of my past with you. I hope you enjoy reading about it!




I loved sports as a child. I was selected for many school teams, but my absolute favourite was athletics.

In my last two years in high school I was captain of the athletics team, representing the school in 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, discus and high jump.



Chosen to represent my county, I joined an athletics club, quickly rising into the First team for track events, my speciality.

100m Sprint


I trained hard, totally focused; my dream to run for England fuelled me.

My dream – to wear this shirt and represent my country


I got my chance to trial for Team GB. I got through in the 200m and reached the finals of the 100m, my favourite and strongest event. The race began, a knee injury, I fall and my dream was shattered.

Knee injury