Review by WomanofSoul (UK)

5.0 out of 5 stars Gets under your skin and won’t let go!! (

Mention a vampire love story and the first thing you will think of is the Twilight or Tru Blood series! Then when faced with a a new author with a vampire love story involved you would be forgiven for thinking that this would be yet another book like all the rest trying to encapture the magic of the afore mentioned……….Think again! I never usually read a book like this, i’m usually a gritty murder girl so faced with this book I decided to grit my teeth and delve into it……..

The book is split into two stories, that of Josuha and his journey of becoming a vampire and intergrating into a new family whilst trying to cope with his feelings for the love of his life Remy… Then you have Remy’s story of her journey to find Joshua and all the emotions that this entails.

I really do not like to write spoilers or detailed reviews of any book as I think it’s up to each reader to discover the story for themselves, for the first time i’m having a very hard time trying not to spoil it for any reader!!

Joshua’s story is action packed and new developments happen at quite a pace but i found myself drawn more to Remy’s story. At times her story is frustratingly slow to develop but rather than finding this element boring Remy’s story slowly got under my skin until i found myself wanting to read more and more of her story. At times i wanted to shake her and toughen her up but on the flip side it dredged up memories of past heartbreaks for me, sign of a good writer!

The book is helped along the way with characters that both endear like the closeness of Remy’s sister and the one you love to hate Dayna (other characters all have a role to play…no spoilers!) The author brings these characters to life and you find yourself picturing each one in your mind. There are wonderful descriptions of destinations and images of homes brought to life on the pages of this book, at times i found myself wanting to visit certain places!

I found myself racing through this book and losing hours when i thought it were minutes… the tension builds towards the end and then i realised that there is another book to come!! How could you Ms Cullen i cried! Will Remy find Joshua, what will become of Joshua and will Samir get want he desires (no spoilers remember!)
My advice to anyone that thinks of reading this book is forget vampire books that you have read before… book a day off work and no pun intended sink your teeth into Heart Search Lost (ok ok i couldn’t resist)

Wonderfully written, engrossing and puts a new spin on vampire love….. A author to watch!


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