Review by Sherry Fundin (USA)

5.0 out of 5 stars A unique and original vampire masterpiece (

He had waited so long for THIS human.

Joshua had visited South Weald Country Park many times. He had no idea that this time would be life changing.

As I thought of becoming Mrs. Joshua Grant, I couldn’t help but smile. Joshua met me at the airport. His kiss was very passionate. We made love that night and I awoke to find bruises all over my body. I guess he really did miss me. I managed to keep it from him, but when we made love again, I awoke in the morning feeling even more pain. It wasn’t just bruises this time. There were long, raw scratches down my arms and thighs. Before I could cover up, he came in the room. He saw what he had done and fell to his knees, crying. He ran from the house.

After Remy left for work, Joshua returned to the house. He saw the wedding lists on the table. He grabbed a pen and pad and wrote, “Dear Remy………….”

5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

I had heard a lot about this book from my sister at fuonlyknew. She fell in love with
it. Myself, I thought, oh another vampire book. I take my Vampires in small doses. Thrillers and mysteries are my favorites, with the paranormal and horror next in line. Was I in for a huge surprise. I have read thousands of books, so to surprise me is huge kudos to the author.

I was immediately drawn in and the story never let me go. It is so well written that the pages passed quickly beneath my eyes. I was in a hurry to find out how this would

The story is told from two different points of view, Remy’s and Joshua’s. Carlie did really well blending them together so I didn’t loose track of what was happening going back and forth.

Remy’s love was so strong that she couldn’t let him go. She went in “Search” of him. As Remy starts to dream, my hand reaches to turn the page. Oops, no page, it’s my Kindle. How would you “Search” ? Where to begin once the obvious is done? I guess that is
why a show like America’s Most Wanted is such a hit. John Walsh, the host, is a prime example of how far some people will go to get an answer.

At first I really didn’t like how callous the vampires were, then I thought, that’s how
they are supposed to be. Cold, self-centered, unfeeling. Carlie’s vampires seemed more realistic. Realistic? LOL. Before I knew it, I was laughing at myself. Is there such a thing as a nice vampire? I think I fell for with Joshua. How could that be? Can a Vampire be a good guy?

Remy had been bubbly, outgoing, an extrovert, the life of the party type. As Carlie talks about the pain of her loss, I could feel her determination to find him.

When Remy was people watching, I smiled. I remember my girlfriend, who is no longer with us. We used to sit and watch people, trying to figure out who they were, what
they did for a living, what car they drove…..I still love to people watch, but it just isn’t the same. I love a book that gets my mind working and I get more from the book than just the author’s story. Thanks Carlie for stretching my mind.

I FREAKED OUT at the ending. Caught me totally off guard. A huge surprise. I thought it was going to be one thing and it was another. I laughed out loud because I never saw it coming.

Carlie is awesome at throwing you a curve ball, so don’t think you know what is going to happen before it does. You are sure to be shocked and amazed. Her ability to tell a story about vampires that is so unique is mind blowing. I have never read a vampire book like this and I loved where she took it. I cannot even guess where she will take
me next. I am so glad I have Book II so I don’t have to wait.


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