Review by laurathomas61 (USA) **contains spoilers**

5.0 out of 5 stars I Was “Gobsmacked!” (

Only two weeks until the wedding. Joshua is anticipating Remy’s return tomorrow.
This is the first time they’ve really been apart and he is looking forward to holding her in his arms again.

While walking through the country park, Joshua spies a secluded bench and stops to rest for a bit. The next thing he knows, it’s dark out and the park gates are locked. He’ll have to sleep in his car until the park rangers open up in the morning.

Remy disembarks from the plane and searches the crowd for Joshua. Her heart leaps when she meets his warm gaze. Rushing to him, she’s crushed in his embrace. His enthusiastic kisses turn painful and sensing Remy’s discomfort, he apologizes for getting carried away.

After a passionate night of lovemaking, Remy awakens to unusual soreness. Her reflection in the mirror shows bruises all up and down her body. After the way they pounced on each other last night, she figures they both got a little crazy after two weeks apart. Then it happens again, only this time she has scratches and abrasions all over and she’s stiff and achy.

When Joshua sees what he’s done, he’s shattered. He would never hurt Remy. Why is
this happening? Remy assures him she’s okay but Joshua won’t be consoled. He rushes out the front door, calling to Remy that he loves her and he’s sorry.

With little time to worry about Joshua’s sudden departure, Remy heads off to work. When she returns home later, she senses something is not right. She spots the letter on the table. She reaches for it with shaking hands, fearing what’s inside. It’s goodbye. Calling himself a monster and a danger to her, Joshua has left, never to return. She races through their home and sure enough, all of his clothes and toiletries are gone.

Her world crumbles and she faints. Some time later she awakens and finds the strength to call her twin sister Becky, who rushes right over. Becky consoles her through the long

By morning, Becky has a plan of action. She knows how much Remy and Joshua love each other and she urges Remy to fight for that love, to find Joshua and bring him home. It sounds like a good plan, but Remy has no way of knowing how long it will take, and what surprises lie in store on her path.

All Joshua knew was he couldn’t stay with Remy any longer. He was a danger to her. Stopping at a rest area to collect himself after his emotional departure from what was once home, he starts to remember some of that day in the park. He’d donated blood and taken a peaceful walk in the park, resting on the park bench for a bit. He’d awakened in the dark, the arm he’d donated with hurting more than it should. He peeled back the bandage to see not one, but two punctures.

He’d noticed changes in himself, many changes, but his conclusions about them couldn’t possibly be right. He goes to an internet cafe, goes on-line , finds the site he is searching for and compares his notes about his changes to what is listed on the web page.

Eyes sensitive to light, especially the sun

Skin much paler than normal

Incisors much sharper and more pointed

Eye colour changing

Excellent night vision

Normal food makes me sick

Prefer uncooked or barely cooked meat

Hearing so much sharper

Much stronger

He laid the pen next to the keyboard, put his hand on the mouse and moved it to click on another page. Cross-referencing the information on the screen with the list he had
compiled, a new understanding swept over him, a huge wave crashing onto a cliff face in a storm. Now he knew what he was becoming . . . a vampire.

And this is just the beginning of Remy and Joshua’s story.

My heart went out to Remy. I’ve had my heart broken before and it still hurts when I think about it, even though it was long ago. She cries at the drop of a hat. Anything can
set her off, which I find very believable. Her decision to fight for Joshua, to hit the road and find him, bring him home, is quite brave. Remy drives from town to town, checking all of the places where he could be staying. Soon the search starts to break her down. Each negative response she gets when she inquires as to whether they have seen him, is another dagger to her weary heart. But she won’t give up. She knows he is out there somewhere, and she will not stop until she finds him.

Poor Joshua. His visions of the future are not to be. He can’t be with Remy, can’t be her husband. Especially now that he knows what he is becoming, a vampire. He will disappear from Remy’s life, let her forget him and find someone who can be the husband she deserves. He should have known she wouldn’t give up on him that easily.

A voice speaks to Joshua, speaks to him in his mind. It tells him to come home. What home? Where? He finds himself driving, heading to who knows where, with no conscious thought as he makes turns and exits. It’s like he is being guided to his destination. He is anxious to get there. Anxious to have answers to his many questions. Why me? Now what do I do? Those are just some of the questions racing through his mind as he draws nearer.

I now understand why this book is titled Heart Search. But there are really two hearts searching in this story.

I can’t tell you much more than I have already. I can’t wait for you to read this book. You may think it is a love story, and you’d be correct. But lets not forget that Joshua is now a
vampire, and the ones you meet in Heart Search are not vegetarians! I really loved how Carlie portrayed them and their lack of empathy for their victims. To them, they are just doing what they do, feeding to stay alive.

I cried at times, got mad, rolled my eyes, gasped and had some Oh, I see moments while reading. There is so much to entertain you in Heart Search. I am thrilled to know that this is just Book One in the series.

I’ll warn you right now, the ending is a killer! Carlie better write fast.

After finishing Heart Search I was “gobsmacked” as Carlie puts it!


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