Review by Joy Keeney (USA)

5.0 out of 5 stars Heart Search- Lost (

I am very excited to have had the privilege of getting to a sneak peek of an advanced copy of Heart Search-Lost the debut novel of new up and coming author Carlie M.A. Cullen plus I get to tell the world what I thought of it.

I met Carlie via a FlashBlog challenge we both took part in this past summer. I
enjoyed her writing style, the way she painted her words into works of art. With each post she left me wanting more. I continued to follow her blog once the challenge was over and when I read that she was looking for bloggers to help host the blog tour for her novel I jumped at the chance.

It is my great pleasure to be able to post my review on the actual day that Heart Search-Lost is launching. (Insert big fanfare here)

Don’t you just hate it when the stars finally all align and the world is quiet and you pick up that brand new book you’ve been dying to read…and after reading the first chapter you discover it’s not as good as you were hoping. If fact you decide you’d rather be
at the dentist getting a root canal, or doing your taxes?

Well, have I got the book for you…I was hooked after the prologue. I found myself drawn into the story. I didn’t want to step away from the scenes that were unfolding
on the pages in front of me. The world around me went silent and didn’t exist while I was reading Heart Search-Lost.


Nothing could ever prepare Remy for what was about to happen to her that fateful day. She returns home from work to find out that her fiancé Joshua has packed his bags and
vanished just days before the wedding. He had seemed a little different since her return from the business trip to the states, a little more aggressive in the bedroom; she had the bruises and scratches to prove it. But he still seemed happy and as ready to marry her as she was to becoming Mrs. Joshua Grant. Remy, left with only a note and the burning question why as she sets out on the journey to find her fiancé, bring him home and live happily ever after. Join Remy as she searches to find the man she loves and bring him


Joshua packs his bags and leaves unable to bear the thought of hurting her worse than he already has. The worst part is he doesn’t remember doing it or understand why it’s happening. He writes Remy a goodbye letter and sets out to begin his new life without her. He knows that by leaving this way she will be broken hearted but that she will also be safe from him and. Now that Joshua is immortal he must learn how to live with the others within his coven as well as deal with his new found “gifts”. Follow Joshua as he learns his new way of life and struggles to do so without Remy.

Carlie has done a wonderful job of writing this story. Much like the black widow spider, she draws the reader in and then traps them in a tangled web of wonderful writing. The
scenes of Heart Search-Lost will play out in your head like a movie as you make your way through the story alongside the main characters Remy and Joshua.

Will Remy find the love of her life?

Will Joshua be able to forget about Remy?

Only one way to find out because I’m not telling you!!

Sink your teeth into Heart Search-Lost. You won’t want it to end once you’ve taken that first bite.


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