Review by Sherry Fundin (USA)

5 out of 5 stars Heart Search book 2: Found (Goodreads)

Jakki was psychic and worried. Something wasn’t right.

She read the tarot cards.

A man with green eyes.

Children’s hands colored red.

Objects floating in the air.

Remy distraught.


First off, let me say, that raving about this series makes me laugh. I love thrillers, suspense and mystery, with a little paranormal on the side. I have only started reading Vampire books since I started blogging, which was a little over a year ago. My sister, Laura, over at fuonlyknew, got me in to all this and for that I THANK YOU, Laura. I had no idea what I was missing.

Book II, Heartsearch: Found picks up the action from the very first page.

I fell in love and hate with the characters, regardless of them being ruthless, blood thirty killers.

I hate Samir – egotistical and selfish – everything you think a Vampire would be.

I love/dislike Joshua – almost human in his feelings for Remy.

Remy – what can I say? I love her. Strong female protagonists are my favorite characters. I like to think I would deal with things the way she does, but no one ever really knows what they will do until the time comes to do it.

The suspense and anticipation drove me to read faster, resisting the urge to skip ahead.

Carlie’s writing is nothing less than amazing. I am having difficulty in describing how amazing this story is. I am going to have to start studying my Thesaurus to expand my word selection. I have never read a Vampire novel like this. Carlie’s description of the horrific and excruciating pain one endures when changing into a Vampire was fantastic.

Sometimes I forget the characters are Vampires. Evil, gross, disgusting, selfish, giving, loving, passionate, sexy…….

I want it to end – happy ever after – but they’re Vampires. Is that even possible?

I love how Carlie’s mind thinks. She is a superb storyteller.

Sometimes the second book in the series is not as good. All I can say is, the story keeps getting better.

Oh no, I didn’t see it coming. The book ran out of pages. I DEMAND Heartsearch: Betrayal, Book III. I want it and I want it now!


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