Review by Sarah-Jane Bird (UK)

5 out of 5 stars Heart Search book 2: Found

The second instalment of the Heart Search trilogy picks up where the first book left off, Remy is distraught and concerned after finding her young twins are eating raw meat. Nothing makes sense. And, she still loves Joshua.

In the first book, I actually was surprised that I found myself more drawn to Joshua’s story – bizarre, because I am generally a female first person kind of reader. I have come to the conclusion that the reason I felt this way is because I love the shift between first and third person. Remy is so introspective, you know exactly how she feels, and then you observe Joshua – without really knowing what goes on in his mind. It’s addictive, and it works.

While I am an avid reader of anything paranormal,fantasy (Especially contemporary/modern)I often tire of paranormal romance books that work as part of a trilogy, it’s because often there is nothing else going on aside from the love story, and I find that can feel drawn out over the course of three books. With Heart Search, it’s a completely different story. The second book introduced new points of view, and weaves external sub plots into the main story beautifully.

I’m keeping my review spoiler free, so I won’t go into too much detail. However, what I will say is Heart Search Found definitely shakes up the traditional structure of similar books in the genre, certain events unfold which you would usually expect to see in a final book. Which means we get to see beyond the supposed “happy ever after”, and see that there is more than just Joshua and Remy finding each other once again…it’s much more complicated than that – which I love.

As far as character development goes, I absolutely loved Remy’s fire and determination in this book. In book one, while she was being incredibly pro active in her search for Josh, she was broken and lost. In this instalment Remy is determined, strong, and takes back what is hers, and I loved seeing her grow as a character, especially when she finds her Joshua after all this time …

In short, I loved this book. I found it addictive, and refreshing for the genre. 🙂


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