Review by Laura Thomas (USA)

5.0 out of 5 stars A bold and exciting sequel

As this is the second book in the series I just wanted to say, I’ll do my best to not put spoilers in my review.

Remy hasn’t given up on finding Joshua. It’s just that she has a whole new set of complications to handle. You could say, double the trouble.

She still dreams of Joshua and misses him and will not stop until she finds him.

A mysterious peeping tom with piercing green eyes lurks outside Remy’s home. Remy, her twin, Becky, and her best friend, Jakki, all are scared. They wonder what or who he is after.

The vampire coven has problems of its own. One tries to kill another in a fit of rage and jealousy.

And a nemesis from the past has come back, and he’s brought friends. His resentment continues and now he plots to end them all.

I’ve been waiting for this book and I got so much more than I expected!

There are some really sweet and funny episodes with Remy and her double trouble.

The story has some surprising turns that I didn’t foresee. That’s always exciting.

I got to know more about the coven members and how they think. I had to keep reminding myself these are not nice vampires. Once they are turned, they have no compunction or guilt about taking lives.

I read a scene where the vampires were stalking their dinner and the people were just ordinary people, not evil, minding their own business, and bam. They were dead and dumped miles away in moments. The vampires were just doing what they do, but it felt so profound. And, somehow, I still liked them..

Writing like this will keep me coming back for more. The characters are genuine and distinct. The story line flashes back and forth from one set of characters to the next easily. The anticipation builds along with your hopes.

I had a few moments where I sniffled, many where I grinned, and I even laughed out loud at some scenes. Several times a scene evoked disgust or trepidation too.

An all around great sequel with more to come.

Well worth the wait!

I’ll be looking for more of Remy’s story and can already tell the next book is going to be dramatic.

I received this book for my honest review. As I have read the first book and loved it, I would have gladly bought this!


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