Heart Search: Lost – book one Cover

As unveiled in my blog post on 2nd September, here is the cover for Heart Search: Lost.

It was designed by a wonderfully talented lady, Nicole Antonia Carson. I think she’s done an amazing job on it – thank you, Nicole.


I hope you like this as much as I do!


6 thoughts on “Heart Search: Lost – book one Cover

  1. Let me know when I can post about the cover and blurb. Would love to help promote this for you. I can’t commit to another tour right now but would really like to help.
    Will also do a review as soon as I read it!!

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks very much. You can post the cover and blurb anytime you want to as it was officially unveiled last weekend.
      A review would be great too. I just hope you like it!
      I totally understand that you can’t commit to the Blog Tour, but as they say, every little helps.
      Thanks for wanting to help promote Heart Search for me, I really appreciate anything you can do. The big launch day is the day the Blog Tour starts – 8th October so that’s when we want a big splash. If you’ve got nothing planned for your blog 25/26 Sept, I can send you the link to unveil the secret I’ve been teasing about. Let me know! :o)

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