Interview with Tiffany Shand

As promised in my last post, I’ve scored an interview with Tiffany Shand, author of Denai Touch, her debut novel. And here it is:

Book Cover

CC: Hi Tiffany! Welcome and congratulations on your debut novel.

TS: Hi Carlie, thanks for having me. Don’t mind the mad cats jumping around!

CC: That’s no problem. They’re really cute.

Let’s start you off on an easy one – can you tell us a bit about Denai Touch?

TS: It’s about a witch named Cate McCray, who is prophesied to defeat a terrorist organisation named the Covenant. The story mainly focuses on her relationship with her partner Jason and how they fight to stop the Covenant before it’s too late.

CC: What made you choose witches as your theme?

TS: I’ve always loved witches. I thought it would be nice to betray them in a different way rather than hooked nosed hags. My witches are sexy and bad arse!

CC: Why did you pick this genre?

TS: I got bored of contemporary fiction in my teens and that’s when I first discovered my love of paranormal romance/fantasy and knew they were the kind of genres that I wanted to write in.

CC: What was the hardest thing about writing the book?

TS: The hardest thing for me was probably motivation. When I get to the middle of a story I sometimes get a bit bored and really have to motivate myself to finish it.

CC: What was the easiest part of the whole process for you?

TS: Writing the book was probably the easiest thing. The hardest thing was the lead up to the publishing process. Editing took over a year which I was not happy about and did wonder if it would ever end. It was a big letdown.

But despite the bad things that happened I have learnt a lot during this process and know I won’t make the same mistakes with my next book.

CC: I know from experience that a part of the author somehow ends up in the persona of one of the characters. Which of the characters is most like you and why?

TS: That’s a tough question! But probably Cate, she’s a strong woman and I think that strength helped her get through some of the hard times she’s had and I can relate to that in some ways. She’s tough, feisty and sometimes outspoken – which I don’t think I am, but she also has a vulnerable side. We also both have a car named Ruby!

CC: Do you have a particular writing routine?

TS: I usually tend to do other things done in the morning and then write during the afternoon – if my laptop isn’t jumped upon by my two cats! Or I usually spend half an hour removing cat hair from my keyboard.

CC: What can we expect to see next from you?

TS: I’ve almost finished my second novel, Denai Bound which I’m hoping to publish later this year. They are going to be part of a series and I also have a spin off series in the works.

CC: Now for a few fun ones to finish with:

Tea or coffee?

TS: Definitely tea.

CC: Spring or autumn?

TS: Spring.

CC: Sandals or barefoot?

TS: Sandals.

CC: Cocktails or shots?

TS: Neither, I don’t drink.

CC: Green or Purple?

TS: Purple.

CC: Silver or gold?

TS: Silver.

CC: Thanks very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me today, Tiffany. I wish you every success with Denai Touch.

TS: Thanks Carlie!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and getting to know Tiffany a little better. If you’re intrigued about her book, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.




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