Book Review – Alora by Megan Linski

Alora 2

This was an enjoyable read. The main character, Alora, is the last of the Anmortals, a girl during the summer months and a white wolf with wings during the winter. She has grown up in the forest so it’s her playground and her home. Alora loves running around, what she believes is her domain, and looks upon herself as queen of the forest. She’s content with her life until she meets August, a mortal boy, who befriends her.

I don’t like writing spoilers as I think people should make up their own minds about books, so I’ll concentrate on other aspects. In my opinion, Alora has been well crafted. She’s quite a feisty character who is very territorial, brave, and can be stubborn, yet there’s also a softer side to her. The author uses all Alora’s traits well. August was a bit weak. He behaves according to the people he’s with and easily bows to peer pressure. The only time he seems to be natural is when he’s with his adopted sister or Alora. His love for Alora is deep, but there were a few instances where I found myself questioning just how committed he was to her. However, these doubts were laid to rest at the end.

The area Alora inhabits and travels around was well described and I found I could picture most of it quite clearly.

There were places in the book where I felt it could have benefitted from a little more editing, but overall it was a good book to while away a few pleasant hours.


1 thought on “Book Review – Alora by Megan Linski

  1. So cool, a wolf with wings. I’ve never hear of that before. Makes me curious about the book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nice to see you.

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