Burdens of a Saint – Character Interview

Last week, I treated you to my review of Joan Hazel’s latest book, Burdens of a Saint, the second novel in The Guardian series (click here for a reminder). When I asked Joan if I could interview one of her characters, she very graciously agreed. My biggest problem was choosing which one.

I made Joan chuckle with my choice – I picked the one she least expected!

Let me tell you a wee bit about him. Fergus Wolfe is the Delta pack leader (or Alpha), the oldest shapeshifter at Theriontrope, weapons specialist, power-house, and elder biological brother to Saint. He’s the sort you want on your side if there’s trouble, but he can be quite terse as you’ll see from some of his responses.

Joan, thank you for bringing Fergus here today – I hope he’s in a good mood!

JH: You are most definitely welcome.  I hope he is in a good mood too!

CC: Welcome, Fergus. I’m very interested in your relationship with Ghost. Why are you so short-tempered with him?

FW: Because he is a pain in the arse. He knows exactly what to say to irritate me, and he takes pleasure in doing such.

CC: He’s still a ‘youngster’ compared to you – can you not cut him a little slack?

FW: Cut him some slack? Excuse me, Madame, but in all honesty, I believe that is his problem now. You must understand when I found Ghost he was only 10 years old. He was near death and his mother had given custody of him to Haven and the guardians. Often, I would find it difficult to discipline him due to his fragile state. That is his problem.

CC: Do you think there’s a particular reason why you let him get under your fur to such an extent?

FW: Although, as you say, Ghost is a youngster, he is well past 100, and it is time he accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. So far, he has done neither of those things.

CC: Okay. Changing the subject – I admire you for how much you care about Saint. However, you don’t seem exactly pleased about his burgeoning relationship with Janet. Why is that?

FW: Really? I did not realize I gave that impression. However, Saint is already dealing with many complications in his life. I suppose I don’t want to see him add to that.

CC: What are your thoughts on Eric? He obviously has some quite strong powers – are you concerned by them at all?

FW: Eric is an interesting boy. So far I find no reason to be concerned about his burgeoning powers. Hopefully with our guidance, there will not be an issue.

CC: I can understand why you worry, bearing in mind what Bridget did to Saint. What are your plans for dealing with her? Are you really intending to kill her?

FW: Death? Yes. That is my only plan for her.

CC: Well, that’s pretty final! What about Bridget’s son, Mingon? Are you going to ostracize him because of who his mother is?

FW: I believe the human Bible states, “The son shall not suffer the iniquity of the father” or in this case, mother.  He cannot help who his mother is anymore than I can help who my parents were. Mingon will be given every chance to prove himself as his own person.

CC: That sounds fair. Has it crossed your mind that Mingon might be Saint’s son too?

FW: Not possible. Next question please.

CC: Hmmm, touchy subject? Uh-oh! The look on your face speaks volumes. Ok, I’ll move on then. How do you think CJ has settled into her new position?

FW: CJ is settling in well. I think it is good to have a female presence within our pack.

CC: Do you think she’s a good guardian or do you feel she still has much to learn?

FW: I believe she is doing well as guardian. Yes, there is still a great deal for her to learn, but all in due time, and what she doesn’t know, I am positive Saint will be able to assist her.

CC: Are you pleased about CJ and Mika’s wedding? Will you be giving the bride away?

FW: I have no feelings either way on the subject. I am pleased if Mika and CJ are pleased. No, I will not be giving the bride away. Actually, I do not believe anyone will be.

CC: What are your aspirations for Haven and the pack?

FW: The pack will continue to do what we have always done, protect the guardians and take on whatever mission Theriontrope has for us. Our immediate goal is to destroy the Alliance.

CC: Thank you so much for being here and answering my questions with such candour. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you better.

FW: You are most welcome.

* * *

See what I mean about terse? And he doesn’t really respond to compliments either. There is actually a softer side to Fergus – he just likes to keep it hidden – bless his furry paws.

To learn more about Fergus, Theriontrope, the Delta pack of shapeshifters at Haven, and the guardians, click on one of the links below and pick up the books. If you love paranormal and fantasy, you won’t be disappointed!

The Last Guardian (book one in the Guardian Series) :  Amazon US / Amazon UK

Burdens of a Saint (book two in the Guardian Series) : Amazon US / Amazon UK

About the author:

Joan Hazel Pic

Joan Hazel has written three novels that range from paranormal fantasy to contemporary to historical fiction. An accomplished actress and vocalist, she has performed with companies across the eastern United States. In her spare time, she plays with a colorful cast of characters who live in her head. She currently resides in DeLand, Fla., with her husband, Ricky, and their two fur kids.

Joan’s contact info:

Website: www.joanhazel.com

Blog: http://joan-hazel.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @guardianwriter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Hazel/362411800440684?ref=hl



5 thoughts on “Burdens of a Saint – Character Interview

  1. I love Fergus Wolfe–he’s the one who suffers the most from his grueling self-discipline. However, if it makes him happy, it’s all good then. Great Interview, Carlie and Joan, and Fergus (sir).

  2. I like Fergus already. A little bit surly and taciturn but very serious. He could steal the show in more books and may need a story of his own. Now I really want to read this one!

    Loved the interview:)

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