#AprilPrompts Day 22 – Night

As this is the last post in the #AprilPrompts series, I decided to base this tale on my favourite paranormal creatures. Sorry, but there’s no prizes for guessing what they are!




The newborn crept from the cellar. As she emerged into the night for the first time since her transformation, she gazed around in awe.

The sky blended hues of deep violet, midnight blue and plum, more exquisite than any artist’s pallet could replicate. Diamonds the size of a man’s fist sparkled overhead, backlit by a huge pearlescent orb.

She became aware of her heightened senses. Sounds which were merely background noise before, now almost deafened her. Crickets sounding like buzz saws, bats flapping their wings, hooting owls competed with car horns, voices laughing and shouting, a cacophony assaulting her ears.

As she wandered down the street, she could smell discarded fast food wrappers, exhaust fumes, beer, sweat, and the sweetest fragrance of all – blood.

Thirst drove her on, further into town where her food supply would be plentiful. Instinctively keeping to the shadows, she scrutinised the area. Secreted down an alley between two shops, the immortal waited. Within minutes, a middle-aged man staggered up the alley from behind and her bloodlust rose. As soon as he drew level, she pounced; sinking her fangs into his neck, she savoured the delicious fluid which slaked her thirst. Rapidly his heart ceased and she dropped him where he stood.

The vampire returned to the street, licking her lips. The night was now her friend.




10 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 22 – Night

    • Hi Sherry. Thank you for your kind words and following Donna and I on this journey. I’ll still be posting – just not every day for a little while. I’m really busy getting my second book ready for publishing and editing for another author. I’m sure I’ll be participating in another blog challenge soon!
      Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  1. Hey Carlie, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts even when I haven’t had time to comment. This last one is so vivid, I just had to find a moment to say thanks for the daily input 🙂

  2. I’d like to read more of this.
    I have had a lot of fun reading yours and Donna’s posts. Fun to see what you both came up with each morning:)
    I’m excited to hear your second book is coming along!

    • Hey Laura! *waves*
      Maybe I’ll do something more with this – I’m not sure yet.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Donna’s and my posts – it was fun to do!
      I’ll keep you posted on book 2 😀

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