#AprilPrompts Day 18 – Betrayal

Betrayal can take many forms and has been the cause of numerous conflicts since biblical times, but this tale is very modern and a ‘double-whammy’.


Day 18 - Betrayal

Day 18 – Betrayal

Mel fired up the laptop and checked her timeline on Facebook. She had about an hour to kill before getting ready to meet Eliot, her boyfriend of two years, and fancied catching up with some friends.

As she scrolled down, a status update by her best friend, Cathy caught her eye. Staring at the screen in horror, Mel felt an icy chill roll down her spine.

Only two days earlier, Mel had tearfully confided in Cathy, telling her of an ‘indiscretion’ and how guilty she felt. It was a trite excuse, but in her case, true. She’d gone to a party with friends, but without Eliot who was out of town on business. Too many drinks later, and she found herself in bed with a cute guy she’d been dancing with. Mel hadn’t meant for it to happen – she adored Eliot and hoped he would propose soon.

Now, seeing her infidelity plastered all over Facebook, made her feel physically sick. What if Eliot saw it? Worse still was the betrayal committed by her so-called best friend. How could Cathy do this to her, humiliate her this way?

Mel’s phone bleeped. The text read “We’re through, you unfaithful bitch!”

Tears cascaded down her cheeks.



6 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 18 – Betrayal

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    • Some people actually do post things like that on Facebook, Sherry. I’ve heard of it happening a few times. It’s very sad that people would want to humiliate their friends in such a public forum.
      Thanks and you have a great day too!

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