#AprilPrompts Day 16 – Hospital

This post was a difficult one for me to write. It’s a very condensed version of the last hour I spent with my mother. She passed away on 23rd April 2004.


Day 16 - Hospital

Day 16 – Hospital

I sat by the bed and held her hand. She writhed in pain in her drug-induced coma; soft moans escaped her dry lips, piercing me through the heart like poison-tipped arrows.

I spoke words of comfort and love, not knowing if she could hear me, but hoping just the same. Wishing my voice would penetrate through the pain so she knew I was there and wasn’t alone; praying she could feel my hand and derive some solace from it.

Her soft moans became agonised cries and I called for a nurse. Responding quickly, the uniformed angel explained the morphine wasn’t enough and a heroin/morphine mix would have to be administered. She bustled away, returning minutes later with a syringe. The contents were injected and the cries ceased.

Fifteen minutes later, her breathing changed, became laboured and I called the nurse again. After one glance, she turned to me, her sad eyes. “I’m sorry, she’s going.”

“Please, call my family?” I asked. She nodded. Somehow I knew they wouldn’t arrive in time.

I sat and cuddled Mum in her hospital room until she stopped breathing.

I felt Dad’s spirit by her bed – he waited for her – and despite my grief, I was glad they were reunited.




13 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 16 – Hospital

  1. Oh Carlie. I write this with tears flowing. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I wish I could hug you. Please feel the warmth of my prayers and know that I am thinking of you. Remember the wonderful times spent with your mother, and be kind to yourself. Sending warm wishes as best I can. Noelle. Xx

    • I’m sorry I made you cry, Noelle. I must admit I cried writing it!
      Thank you for your lovely comments and for caring. Most of the time I do remember the good times, but as it’s the anniversary of her passing tomorrow, I find myself revisiting and to a point, reliving, those last painful hours.
      Carlie xx

  2. Oh Hun, day 16 made me cry, it’s just the way
    I went through it with my mom, seeing her
    In pain waiting for the nurse to come with the
    Pain meds being there alone hoping she could here me. Sitting there watching her
    Slip away knowing there wasn’t anything I could do . Seems like yesterday. Girl I miss
    you so much I miss our chats,
    I hope that you are healed I love you

    Ps. Did u give up twitter

    • Hey Lizzie! Sorry I made you cry too. It’s an awful thing to go through and only people who have experienced it can really relate.
      I am healed except for a couple of days each year, when it all comes flooding back. I hope time has healed you, my friend. Miss our chats too!
      Carlie x

      Ps No I didn’t give up Twitter! I’m still on there just not quite as much as before. I try to allocate a certain amount of time each day for social media, but have to control it so I can keep writing and editing! 🙂

  3. Carlie, your heart went out to me when I wrote about my mom’s passing; please know that mine goes out to you now. Sure, it gets easier with time, but becomes fresh any time that pain gets revisited. It’s always a comfort knowing someone waits. xxx

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  5. Beautiful my dear. I know on a personal level what it is like, to spend the last hours with a parent who is dying. My mother died in my arms 3 years ago, after a long battle with lung cancer. I know my step-father was waiting for her.

    • Thanks, Connie. I know you can relate to this. My mum had primary breast cancer and secondary ovarian cancer. I nursed her from the diagnosis in May 2003 until she died 11 months later.
      I hope you found it a comfort to know your step-father was waiting for her.
      Hugs xx

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