#AprilPrompts Day 15 – Stolen

Today’s prompt has myriad possibilities. So many things can be stolen from us; some are merely annoying, while others can have a devastating effect.


Day 15 - Stolen

Day 15 – Stolen

Richard Stevenson knelt beside the headstone of his beloved wife, Carrie, and wept openly and unashamedly. It had only been three weeks since his pregnant twenty-four year old bride had been stolen from him, yet already it felt so much longer. They would have been celebrating their second wedding anniversary that day; the bouquet he placed against her memorial was peppered with red roses, just like the ones she’d carried down the aisle.


He couldn’t bear to think of the events of that fateful day – it filled him with a primal rage and no one to direct it at – instead his grief was littered with ‘if only’s’.

If only the bomb on the underground hadn’t forced her to take that bus.

If only she hadn’t gone to work earlier than normal.

If only the suicide bombers had changed their minds and decided not to steal so many innocent lives.

If only.


But the suicide bombers had detonated three bombs on the underground, forcing stations to be evacuated and commuters onto buses. And not satisfied with the devastation caused below ground, the terrorists exploded one on the very bus his beautiful Carrie had been obliged to take.

Richard’s anguish was absolute.


3 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 15 – Stolen

  1. A very timely piece. Before Boston, I was thinking we had gone back to the 80’s and early 90’s with the footie violence and then the bombing in Boston. What is going on in the world. Everyone seems so angry about everything.
    I remember that day and thank my lucky stars I no longer live and work in London. My Uni tutor was on teh tube that was bombed. She was lucky to have just walked away.She used the event in her classes though to great effect and I think she benefited from the counselling it gave. A tragic day where stolen is exactly right. x.

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