#AprilPrompts Day 14 – Promise

Throughout our lives we make all sorts of promises to different people. Scouts and Girl Guides make promises on their enrolment, witnesses in court promise to tell the truth, Presidents, Kings and Queens promise to defend their country, and friends make various promises to each other. But how much importance is placed on those promises?


Day 14 - Promise

Day 14 – Promise

To me, a promise is a sacred vow and not something to be entered into lightly. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the oath so seriously.

An excellent case in point is marriage vows. When standing at the altar or before a celebrant, a couple promise each other to be faithful, to cherish, love, protect and care for each other no matter what life throws at them, yet so many women (and occasionally men) are subjected to the worst kinds of abuse at the hands of the person they made their vows with.


When one party is psychologically torturing, or beating their spouse on a regular basis, do they ever think back to the promise they made? Of course not! How could they be if they’re treating their life partner worse than they would an animal?


If we think back to our grandparents’ generation, the instances of divorce were far less common, and although abuse did go on behind closed doors, it was not such a regular occurrence. In those days, wedding vows were a life-long commitment. But one key difference was respect. Spouses were valued by each other, over and above the love they shared.

Perhaps that’s what is missing today . . .




6 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 14 – Promise

  1. I am glad you included men in this as often being victims of spousal abuse. My step-son was regularly beaten and attacked by his wife. His marriage disintegrated, of course. The police never believed him that she had attacked him, yet they could see the visible evidence of his black-eye, bruised ribs, fingernail-gouges on his face and neck, and most tellingly, defensive wounds on his forearms where he’d tried to fend her off. She had no injuries whatsoever. The courts gave her custody of the children, and the 3 oldest have several times been removed from her custody for their safety. Family services is involved now, and she is ‘in counseling’.

    • Oh, Connie! That’s so awful. I really feel for your step-son and hope that he’s managed to put it behind him (or at least start to). The fact the children have also become victims is even worse and I pray they’re getting the protection and help they need.
      Thank you so much for sharing this. Hugs to you, your step-son and his children.

  2. There are a couple differing theories on the prevalence of abuse – one saying that we just didn’t know about it though it happened as frequently, and one saying it has gotten worse. Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We are now more aware of abuse, assault, and disintegrating marriages, but we also value people in general less. It frequently means less to be someone’s friend (and friendships are less likely to be seen as lasting relationships), or to love someone, or even to commit to someone “for life” (which now means until we’re bored or have an argument).

    Perhaps it’s a side effect of the instant gratification trends – there’s an adorable photo circling the net of an elderly couple discussing modern-day relationships, with a catch phrase along the lines of, “In our day, when something was broken, we didn’t throw it out, we fixed it.”

  3. Such very true words. And including men too which appears to be on the rise. I feel more and more we are desensitised to violence in what is portrayed on the screen. it is not alright. it will never be alright. It’s about time people realised life is not cheap and should be respected along with the promises we make to each other and societies rules. A very powerful post Carlie. x

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