#AprilPrompts Day 11 – Game

What springs to mind when you see this word? Board games you played as a child? Computer &/or video games? Hide and seek, tag, football? Or does your mind take a darker turn, toward the psychological games some people play?

This is where mine led me today:


Day 11 - Game

Day 11 – Game

“Beldan! This isn’t a game – it’s serious!” Mireth snarled, as her anger rose to the surface.

“I don’t need you to tell me how grave this situation is.  It’s not my fault the Sali Ilidren has been stolen, but there are those who’ll point fingers in my direction,” he snapped in response. Guilt rippled through him; if he’d only kept a watchful eye on Freilar and Dalosin, the new guards, instead of playing games in the meadow, they wouldn’t be facing such a potential catastrophe.

Mireth nodded sadly, as she slumped against the ancient roots of the Oak, from whose trunk the entrance had been carved. She could feel her strength slowly draining; her life force was inextricably linked to the amulet. “Raise the alarm, quickly,” she said urgently.

Beldan rushed to the surface and blew into a small horn hanging around his neck. Within seconds he was surrounded by his kinfolk. All wore concerned expressions – the horn was only used in times of strife.

“The Sali Ilidren is missing, as are the guards. Make haste, we must . . .” A voice interrupted.

“Beldan! Fear not, it is safe,” Elven King Sharovana announced. He walked forward carrying the amulet. “I just had it cleaned!”




6 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 11 – Game

    • I’m glad you found this unexpected, Aria. I don’t want to be predictable! Lol.
      I might just do something more with this at some point, but not yet. I’ve got too many other things on the boil at the moment.
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed it 🙂

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