#AprilPrompts Day 5 – Intimacy

When we hear the word ‘intimacy’ we tend to think of two people in love, exploring each other’s bodies as an extension of that love. Yet there are other forms of intimacy which don’t have sexual connotations, like baring your soul to someone you trust.

Today’s post has a somewhat upsetting theme, but it showcases two forms of intimacy.


Day 5 - Intimacy

Day 5 – Intimacy

“Oh Shaz, I tried to stop him. I fought him all the way, b-but he was too strong,” Marina wailed. Her eyes were red from the torrents of tears shed.

Sharon put her arm around her dearest friend and pulled her close. “Start at the beginning,” she coaxed gently.


“H-He said he was taking me to a country p-pub for a meal. I didn’t think anything of it. We drove up a dirt track and he stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. He p-pounced and began ripping at my clothes, and when I bit him he h-hit me. He dragged me from the car by my hair and then he was on top of me and . . .” Marina sobbed, unable to go on.

Anger surged through Sharon as she scrutinized her friend’s torn clothing and her bruised and bloodied face. “You have to report this, honey.”

“I can’t!”

“Yes you can – you have to! How many women has he done this to? And how many more will go through this if you don’t? I’ll be with you every step of the way, I promise.”

Marina smiled gratefully through her tears – at least this intimacy wasn’t a violation!



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