#AprilPrompts Day 4 – Sin

This little word conjures all sorts of images and sayings, and in the literary world it has been extensively explored. From Milton’s Paradise Lost to Shaun Allan’s Sin and everything in between, the concept of sin has taken many forms. Today I’ve put my own little twist on it.


Day 4 - Sin

Day 4 – Sin

“Every word you speak is a sin,” the old woman hissed venomously. Her eyes blazed with hatred and fervour as she clasped the crucifix around her neck.

What?” Rosanna rocked back in her seat as if struck.

“These demonic instruments you use to extort money from the vulnerable make you sin against God,” the woman continued as if Rosanna hadn’t spoken.


Rosanna glanced down at the table; a spread of tarot cards lay face up and her crystal ball was glowing softly. She narrowed her eyes as she scrutinised them, before lifting her head to look her tormentor in the eye.


“Mrs Peabody, the cards don’t lie. Just because I’ve told you something you didn’t want to hear, it doesn’t make me a sinner. God gave me this gift so I could help others.”

“You blasphem!” Mrs Peabody thundered, rising.

“No I don’t! It’s not my fault your husband cheated on you and had children with her. You asked the questions and I warned you the truth would hurt.” Rosanna answered calmly.


You contacted me for a reading!”

Mrs. Peabody threw money on the table and stormed out.

Rosanna shrugged sadly – she didn’t get to tell her he was sorry.


7 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 4 – Sin

  1. Oooooh, fabulous piece Carlie with a great twist. I wanted the story to keep going, but it serves the old bag right! Thanks for the link to Shaun Allen’s SIN. :0) I’ll link up in a bit…

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