#AprilPrompts Day 3 – Birthday

The funny thing about birthdays is they come around once every year whether we want them to or not. Some of them seemed like just ordinary days, much like any other, while others can be so awesome you’ll never forget them.


Day 3 - Birthday

Day 3 – Birthday

I’ve celebrated a few memorable birthdays over the years, but one in particular sticks in my memory.

My parents and I flew out to Toronto on 24th September and went straight to Niagara Falls. The following day was my mum’s birthday and that evening, we celebrated in the revolving restaurant in the Skylon tower. I’ll never forget looking down at the Falls and seeing them lit in different coloured lights; the effect was spectacular and so breathtaking. To say it was beautiful doesn’t do it justice!

Niagara Falls at night

Niagara Falls at night

After leaving Niagara, we stayed with my aunt in a suburb of Montreal and went sightseeing around the area. One day we went up into the hills to a forest area; I’ve never seen so many different shades of autumn colours on the trees – it was beautiful. Another day we spent in Montreal and I saw the Olympic Stadium (as I was an athlete at the time, this was a big deal)!

This picture doesn't do Canadian autumn's justice!

This picture doesn’t do Canadian autumn’s justice!

My fourteenth birthday fell two days before we were due to fly home. My aunt threw a great party for me, inviting all her friends, and best of all, my grandma flew up from Maryland.

It’s definitely a birthday I won’t forget!


14 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 3 – Birthday

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  2. Nice post Carlie; it sounds like the trip of a lifetime shared with the ones you love. I’ve got family in NY right on the border, and we go to the falls every time we visit. Now that place is awe- inspiring! It appears that some of our best birthday memories are from when we were young.

    Here’s a birthday haiku from the other end of life’s spectrum: http://donnalsadd.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/aprilprompts-day-3-birthday-haiku-napowrimo/

  3. Donna’s right it sounds like an incredible trip and a wonderful memory of being surrounded by your loved ones for all those special moments! Your photos (and descriptions) have added that part of the world to places I need to visit haha.

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