#AprilPrompts Day 1 – Arrow

The arrow symbol is a huge part of our everyday lives. We see them on traffic signs, in business documents, greeting cards and statues. But here’s what the word invokes in me . . .


Day 1 - Arrow

Day 1 – Arrow

When I think of arrows, my thoughts jump to the well-known English hero and master bowman, Robin Hood. His story has been immortalised in countless films over the years, spreading his fame all over the world.

I lived in Nottingham for a while when I was nineteen and visited some of the places associated with our hero.

Sherwood Forest is not as large as it would have been in Robin’s time, but nevertheless is equally as beautiful. The majestic trees where he and his men hid stood just as proud and strong, giving the place a real sense of history. You could close your eyes and imagine the crude shelters they constructed, the merriment around the campfire as they schemed against the evil Sheriff, and their anger at his treatment of the poor citizens.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest

Nottingham Castle, built on a natural promontory known as Castle Rock, is now a museum. Not that much of the original medieval castle remains, but there is enough to get a sense of the history. You can picture the Sheriff striding the stone halls and sitting in the King’s throne as he plotted against him.

Part of the original medieval castle

Part of the original medieval castle

These two historical places certainly bring the legend to life.

Statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham

Statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham

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8 thoughts on “#AprilPrompts Day 1 – Arrow

  1. Suddenly, (like, it seems, your other readers) I’m inspired to visit Sherwood forest, haha. The legend of Robin Hood has inspired so many different artists of various media, & it’s wonderful that it’s still possible to immerse ourselves, at least somewhat, in an authentic piece of that world.

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