#AprilPrompts Day 22 – Night

As this is the last post in the #AprilPrompts series, I decided to base this tale on my favourite paranormal creatures. Sorry, but there’s no prizes for guessing what they are!




The newborn crept from the cellar. As she emerged into the night for the first time since her transformation, she gazed around in awe.

The sky blended hues of deep violet, midnight blue and plum, more exquisite than any artist’s pallet could replicate. Diamonds the size of a man’s fist sparkled overhead, backlit by a huge pearlescent orb.

She became aware of her heightened senses. Sounds which were merely background noise before, now almost deafened her. Crickets sounding like buzz saws, bats flapping their wings, hooting owls competed with car horns, voices laughing and shouting, a cacophony assaulting her ears.

As she wandered down the street, she could smell discarded fast food wrappers, exhaust fumes, beer, sweat, and the sweetest fragrance of all – blood.

Thirst drove her on, further into town where her food supply would be plentiful. Instinctively keeping to the shadows, she scrutinised the area. Secreted down an alley between two shops, the immortal waited. Within minutes, a middle-aged man staggered up the alley from behind and her bloodlust rose. As soon as he drew level, she pounced; sinking her fangs into his neck, she savoured the delicious fluid which slaked her thirst. Rapidly his heart ceased and she dropped him where he stood.

The vampire returned to the street, licking her lips. The night was now her friend.




#AprilPrompts Day 21 – Blue

I’ve noticed quite a number of my posts throughout April have been quite dark, so have decided to make a change for this prompt. Today’s little tale has a feel-good ending. I hope you like it.


blue 1st

Amy sat in the garden sipping her first cup of tea of the day. Shielding her eyes from the blazing light of the early morning sun, she gazed into the cerulean sky. No clouds marred the beautiful blue – it was going to be a scorcher!

She cast her mind back just two short months. Lying in hospital, with the awful cocktail of drugs pumping into her weakened body, she couldn’t go outside and her only view of the blue sky she loved was through the windows. She could cope with how sick they made her and losing her hair, but not being outside and able to gaze up at the azure firmament was more of a blow.

Being allowed home filled her with joy. Amy loved eating breakfast in the garden; listening to the birds chirping, smelling the sweet fragrance of the blooms and sitting under the summer sky, well there was no better way to start the day.

The phone rang and Amy picked it up. As she listened to the caller, tears started to stream down her face. She mumbled, “Thank you,” and ended the call.

There would be plenty of blue skies now – the cancer was gone!



#AprilPrompts Day 20 – Love

There are many different forms of love: the love for a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a partner. But, in my opinion, there is no greater love than that of a parent for their child.


Day 20 - Love

Day 20 – Love

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I suffered a devastating blow – I miscarried her twin. It was touch and go for a while as to whether I would manage to keep hold of the second baby, but as the days marched on without further incident, things looked more hopeful. And as the days turned into weeks, then months, it appeared the danger had passed.

Fifteen days before my due date, my waters broke, but I never went into labour. After just four contractions in eight hours, I was told I needed a caesarean section and was prepped for surgery.

When my daughter was laid in my arms for the first time, I fought my way through the haze of the anaesthetic. I just had to look at her, and as I stared into her beautiful eyes, a swell of love like I’d never known before surged through me.

As each day passed, my love for her grew stronger – and still does twenty-six years later.

Every day I feel blessed to have created such a wonderful person. I adore my daughter and would gladly give up my life for her, if I had to. And that’s how it should be!

My gorgeous daughter at 3 months old

My gorgeous daughter at 3 months old


#AprilPrompts Day 19 – Guilt

A couple of days ago, I gave you a little insight into Remy, the female protagonist in Heart Search: Lost. It’s only fair I give Joshua, the male protagonist, the same opportunity. His story is very different to Remy’s . . .


Day 19 - Guilt

Day 19 – Guilt

After being bitten by a vampire, Joshua’s transformation is very slow, but he begins to change in subtle ways. You see this for the first time when he meets Remy off the plane from America and kisses her too hard.

In the days which follow, he becomes violent during lovemaking. Remy’s body, covered with bruises and scratches, appals him. How could he do this to the woman he loves? What has made him so vicious?

With no explanation forthcoming, and wracked with guilt, he packs his bags, leaves her a note and walks out of her life mere days before their wedding.

Joshua’s guilt doesn’t end there.


He begins a new relationship with a member of the vampire coven he’s inducted into, and as his feelings grow for Jasna, Joshua suffers pangs of conscience. He still loves Remy, you see, and is conflicted. Despite abandoning Remy, ending their relationship in the letter he left her, he struggles with the notion he’s being unfaithful. At the same time, Joshua knows he’s being unfair to Jasna.

It’s unusual for a vampire to experience human emotions like guilt – they certainly don’t when they feed – but Joshua’s love for Remy and Jasna makes the difference.

Heart Search Test Cover 1 (2)

#AprilPrompts Day 18 – Betrayal

Betrayal can take many forms and has been the cause of numerous conflicts since biblical times, but this tale is very modern and a ‘double-whammy’.


Day 18 - Betrayal

Day 18 – Betrayal

Mel fired up the laptop and checked her timeline on Facebook. She had about an hour to kill before getting ready to meet Eliot, her boyfriend of two years, and fancied catching up with some friends.

As she scrolled down, a status update by her best friend, Cathy caught her eye. Staring at the screen in horror, Mel felt an icy chill roll down her spine.

Only two days earlier, Mel had tearfully confided in Cathy, telling her of an ‘indiscretion’ and how guilty she felt. It was a trite excuse, but in her case, true. She’d gone to a party with friends, but without Eliot who was out of town on business. Too many drinks later, and she found herself in bed with a cute guy she’d been dancing with. Mel hadn’t meant for it to happen – she adored Eliot and hoped he would propose soon.

Now, seeing her infidelity plastered all over Facebook, made her feel physically sick. What if Eliot saw it? Worse still was the betrayal committed by her so-called best friend. How could Cathy do this to her, humiliate her this way?

Mel’s phone bleeped. The text read “We’re through, you unfaithful bitch!”

Tears cascaded down her cheeks.


#AprilPrompts Day 17 – Searching

When I sat down to write for this prompt, I was immediately drawn to the female protagonist in my first novel, Heart Search: Lost. I don’t tend to write very much about the book on this blog, or the main characters, Remy and Joshua. So today I thought, why not? It is rather fitting . . .


Day 17 - Searching

Day 17 – Searching

Remy travelled around the country, searching for her fiancé who had disappeared mere days before their wedding. It was a journey filled with emotion and heartache, as she re-lived the happy memories they shared at each destination.

Knocking on doors, receiving rejection after rejection nearly destroyed her, but she found an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed, arriving at each new town with renewed hope.

Her search was filled with strange occurrences; objects floated in mid-air and she could hear people’s thoughts, leading her to doubt her sanity. Remy’s dreams were filled with images of Joshua in a strange place, surrounded by beautiful men and women; Joshua himself had become even more handsome and, agonisingly for Remy, had a new woman in his arms. This evoked a new trait in Remy, as hatred and fury coursed through her.

Joshua was hers! She would fight to the death for him, if necessary.

In the last town she visits before being forced to return home, she sees him. His skin is much paler, his lips a ruby red and he looked like a male model, but she knew it was him by his eyes. Joshua disappears, but Remy resolves to keep searching.

Heart Search Test Cover 1 (2)Of course, this is only one side of the story – but you’ll have to read the book to find out more about Joshua – or will you?

#AprilPrompts Day 16 – Hospital

This post was a difficult one for me to write. It’s a very condensed version of the last hour I spent with my mother. She passed away on 23rd April 2004.


Day 16 - Hospital

Day 16 – Hospital

I sat by the bed and held her hand. She writhed in pain in her drug-induced coma; soft moans escaped her dry lips, piercing me through the heart like poison-tipped arrows.

I spoke words of comfort and love, not knowing if she could hear me, but hoping just the same. Wishing my voice would penetrate through the pain so she knew I was there and wasn’t alone; praying she could feel my hand and derive some solace from it.

Her soft moans became agonised cries and I called for a nurse. Responding quickly, the uniformed angel explained the morphine wasn’t enough and a heroin/morphine mix would have to be administered. She bustled away, returning minutes later with a syringe. The contents were injected and the cries ceased.

Fifteen minutes later, her breathing changed, became laboured and I called the nurse again. After one glance, she turned to me, her sad eyes. “I’m sorry, she’s going.”

“Please, call my family?” I asked. She nodded. Somehow I knew they wouldn’t arrive in time.

I sat and cuddled Mum in her hospital room until she stopped breathing.

I felt Dad’s spirit by her bed – he waited for her – and despite my grief, I was glad they were reunited.