#BlogFlash2013 Day 17 – Water

Water plays such a huge part in everyone’s life; cooking and drinking, showering, washing clothes, and nurturing plants, to name but a few. We need water to grow crops so we can eat. Water is essential in our rivers and oceans to keep our world balanced. There are many ways to write about the impact of water in our lives, but today I’ve chosen an aspect I feel strongly about.



Having clean water on tap is something we take for granted. It’s always there, always available and we can drink it to our heart’s content. But not everyone is so lucky . . .

When I watch the adverts on TV for charities like Water Aid and see young children from under-developed countries scooping dirty water from puddles and drinking it, I get a lump in my throat.

No child, anywhere in the world, should have to drink filthy, disease-ridden water, especially in the twenty-first century.

If every one of us donated just ONE dollar/pound, how many lives would we save?



12 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2013 Day 17 – Water

    • It does, Linda. I know it’s something I didn’t really think much about until I started to see the adverts on TV – that made me realise how much we take for granted.
      Thanks for your kind comment.

  1. Fresh, clean water is a commodity to be sure. In some impoverished nations horrible organisms live in the water. I usually like to drink water from a well so that it doesn’t smell or taste like that from a swimming pool. Some tap water is pretty gross, but it’s still better than what some people have!

    • It’s no wonder outbreaks of cholera and the like are still rife in impoverished countries. It really doesn’t seem right to me that with all the technology in the world, there are still people dying from drinking dirty, diseased water.
      As you say, Amanda, some tap water isn’t the best, but when you think of the alternative . . .

  2. There is so much we take for granted.

    All of us should be allowed clean drinking water as a bare minimum.

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