#BlogFlash2013 Day 15 – Friendship

I’m very lucky to have some wonderful friends. My dearest friend, Jakki, is also my alpha reader for my novels. As tempting as it was to write about my long-standing friendship with Jakki, I decided to put a different slant on the prompt. I hope you like it!



Many’s the time my shoulder has been soaked by her tears. We’ve discussed boys, fashion, make-up and music. We’ve pondered career choices and decisions, weighing up the pros and cons of potential new jobs.

Together we’ve shared loads of laughter and too many tears to count. She has been my rock, my support system when the world has collapsed around my ears and I’ve done the same for her.

Sharing our lives through illness, grief, pain and sorrow as well as celebrations, love and good times; I’ve held her hand and felt joy hearing the words, “You’re my best friend, Mum.”



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