#BlogFlash2013 Day 11 – Running

When I saw today’s prompt, the first thing to enter my head was the running career I dreamt of as a teenager. I used to be a sprinter, and a pretty fast one too, but fate intervened and scrunched my dreams like a sheet of waste paper. But a new notion popped into the grey matter – something a little different – and I decided to explore that instead. I hope you like it.



Hearing a noise, she whirled around. Her eyes peered through the gloom and saw a dark-clothed figure bearing down on her. A scream exploded from her lips as she turned and ran for her life.

Pumping her legs ever harder, willing her feet to greater speed, she shot along the never-ending corridor, desperate to escape an uncertain fate.

She felt the icy breath like tentacles on her neck and sobbed as she realised she couldn’t evade it. Seemed like she’d run from it her entire life.

Opening her eyes, she resolutely decided – no more running from the demons of her past.



16 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2013 Day 11 – Running

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  2. I have been following yours and Donna’s flashes. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy them.. Thanks.

    • Thanks Joy and right back atcha!! 🙂
      (ps my alpha reader’s just finished Heart Search 2 and she LOVED it! She said she couldn’t put it down. Im just waiting on the feedback now. It’s getting closer . . .) 😉

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