#BlogFlash2013 Day 9 – Spring

Spring has to be my second favourite season. The days begin to get longer and warmer, the landscape becomes more lush and there seems to be a scent of hopefulness in the air. Here’s my thoughts on today’s prompt.


spring1Wandering through the woods in springtime, I marvel at the inspiring sights surrounding me. The sun pierces through the arboreal canopy; its shafts of light changing the hues of the leaves and ferns, breathing vivacity into the colours.

The blossoms on the trees, the bluebells, snowdrops, crocuses, and daffodils, proclaim the cycle of new life Mother Nature has seen fit to bestow upon the land.

Birds warble as they flit from bough to bough; small creatures rustle the undergrowth, reminding me that soon their offspring will be born.

I stand in awe as I gaze at the beauty spring displays.



18 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2013 Day 9 – Spring

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