#BlogFlash2013 Day 4 – Books

Today’s prompt is one of my favourite subjects, ever – books. Enjoy!



Ellie, with pearly tears trickling down her cheeks, ran to her bedroom and threw herself on the bed. Another horrendous day at school; the bullies were relentless and she sported the bruises to prove it.

She wanted to rail at the world, lash out and sob yet knew it wouldn’t change how wretched she felt. Only one thing did – her books.

Grabbing a tome, Ellie dived into the wondrous world depicted on the pages. Enveloped in the magical lands of fairies and elves, her imagination soared and she began to find peace. The agony dissolved and wrapped in enchantment, she smiled.



13 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2013 Day 4 – Books

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  2. I think this is actual events for everyone, Carlie. Many days I am so overwhelmed by my day that I need to escape to a book world. I teach sixth grade! Many of the kids use the same escape method. Totally normal.

  3. Books are a wonderful escape from the worst of days. I love to escape off into new territories and block the present world out for a few hundred pages. Great Post!!

  4. You just described my childhood exactly. Made me teary eyed and then made me smile. All the bullies achieved was directing me to the wonderful world of books.

    • I’m sorry I made you teary and brought back sad memories for you, Laura. This story was loosely based on my daughter who was bullied for 2 years. She’d learned to love books prior to becoming a victim, but they became an obsession while the bullying was going on. Still, they helped her cope and I’m just grateful she chose reading rather than a destructive method of dealing with her agony.
      Sending you hugs!

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