#Blogflash2013 Day 3 – Innocence

Innocence is the prompt for Day 3 of the BlogFlash. The first two things which instantly spring to mind when you think of this word is babies and puppies/kittens. This is closely followed by angels. I decided to approach this subject from a different standpoint so I hope you like it.



The young woman stared from the barred window. Outside the sun shone brilliantly in a perfect azure sky and carpets of colourful blooms edged the lush grass. Her eyes followed a small bird in flight until it became a speck in the distance. She sighed.

She didn’t like it here, confined inside these four walls for most of the day. But then again she was locked inside her own head and had been since she was four. Autism, they called it – a severe case – but they didn’t try to reach her.

She was held captive in her innocence and intellect.



8 thoughts on “#Blogflash2013 Day 3 – Innocence

    • I must admit, I’ve wondered too. A member of my family has recently been diagnosed with the condition and he’s so young, it’s heartbreaking (particularly because of the severity in his case). He’s not even two yet.
      I’m glad you found it thought-provoking – that my was intention. 🙂

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