#BlogFlash2013 Day 1 – Laughter

Last year I took part in the BlogFlash run by Terri Giuliano Long and I loved every minute of it. It really helped me to explore writing in a different way, especially being limited to 100 words. Now she’s running another one and I’ve signed up again. So every weekday in March I’ll be posting what I’ve written from the prompt supplied. Day 1’s prompt is Laughter. I hope you enjoy it!



Tinkling chuckles, loud guffaws and huge belly-laughs echoed around the hall. The comedian drew satisfaction as he continued his act. He lived for this. It was his destiny to brighten people’s days – or that’s what his mum always said.

Even as a child he was always joking around. “My boy will be a famous comedian one day,” his mum often bragged to anyone who would listen. And they nodded and smiled.

Fame was elusive; there was too much competition, but he didn’t really care. He made a modest living doing what he loved – making folks laugh was enough.


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