#AprilPrompts Blogging Challenge

Having just completed Terri Giuliano Long’s challenge #BlogFlash2013, Donna L Sadd and I have decided we want to do another one and have decided to organise it ourselves.

The posts will be published every weekday throughout April and publicised using the hashtag #AprilPrompts. There will be a daily prompt posted on both our blogs (see list below), and each post has a maximum count of 200 words.

We would love it if you’d care to join us! This is a great way of getting the creative juices flowing and can be used as a writing exercise to warm up the muscles in the brain. It’s a lot of fun and a fab way of meeting new people.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t post every day, just do what you can. Post the links to your blog on this or Donna’s site for each prompt you write and we’ll publicise it.

If you’d like to take part, please reply to this post.

Donna and I look forward to blogging with you.

~ Carlie

Daily Prompt List:

1st – ARROW

2nd – MUSE


4th – SIN



9th – TRUTH

10th – HEART


12th – LOSS

15th – GAME


17th – THRONE

18th – PROMISE

19th – STOLEN




25th – GUILT

26th – LOVE


#BlogFlash2013 Day 21 – Success

Another #Blogflash comes to an end. This is the final prompt. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts on the various subjects we were given. I’d like to say a big thank you to Terri Guiliano Long for hosting the event – I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and have made some great new friends!

* * *

Success. How do you quantify it? Society defines success differently to ‘ordinary’ people; if you haven’t got millions in the bank, a high-profile career, your face on the cover of magazines, or a title, you haven’t ‘made it’. That, to me, is superficial crap. Here are my thoughts on the subject:


Everyone has their own yardstick for measuring success. For some it’s having enough money to do as they please. For others it’s gaining a promotion, winning a competition, passing an exam, or having a long and happy marriage.

I measure my success differently, and on two fronts:

The most important to me is having raised a daughter who is beautiful, talented, and clever, but above all kind, generous, honest, loving and giving.

IMG_0606 small

My secondary success, but still important, is my writing. When I look at reviews written by readers about my book, and I see how much they enjoyed it, I feel successful.

” 5.0 out of 5 stars Could not put it down, 10 Oct 2012

By Pat JonesSee all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)

This review is from: HEART SEARCH – book one: Lost (Kindle Edition)

I started to read this in a waiting room at the hospital – nurse had to call my name three times before it registered – I was so deeply engrossed in the book. I found I was hooked, wanting to kick Remy and say “dont waste your time looking up the M6″. To me a sign of a good book is one where you are in there with them and in this case I was right in there.
Totally enjoyable and addictive – cannot wait for book 2 – hope its soon!”

Heart Search Test Cover 1 (2)

#BlogFlash2013 Day 20 – Education

Education is essential. It’s what allows humanity to progress and lifts us above ignorance and savagery. We are taught from an early age how important it is to learn, to work hard at our studies for the good of our future. With the current recession and government’s spending cuts, education has been one of the departments hit. But are governments failing students on another level too?



There was a time, in the not too distant past, when a university degree meant something. An Honours degree used to guarantee the holder a job with good prospects and an above-average salary. But not anymore . . .

In these recession-fuelled days, the three plus years of hard work and dedicated learning aren’t paying off. The huge debts incurred by students sit on balance sheets, unpaid.

These educated young people languish in depression as they ask, “Do you want fries with that?” or, worse still, make their bi-weekly visits to the dole office.

Was it worth all their dedication to education?


#BlogFlash2013 Day 19 – City

Big cities are exciting places. There’s always something to see and places to go for entertainment and education. Every major country, no matter how small, has a great city, but do we only see the glamour and glitz?



Streets filled with people of different ethnicity; employees rushing to work, tourists stopping to gawp, street cleaners mumbling under their breath. Open-top buses cruise the vehicle-choked roads along dedicated lanes, thumbing their noses at those sitting in queues.

Melodic strains from street entertainers compete with horns, revving engines and stomping feet.

London – rich in history – a vibrant, bustling city complete with royal parks, palaces, museums, cathedrals and magnificent buildings. What a veritable smorgasbord to delight the most discerning visitor.

Yet within the sprawling city lie areas of deprivation; council estates rife with drugs, knives and guns, places ordinary people fear to live yet cannot escape.


#BlogFlash2013 Day 18 – Money

Money – it’s something we cannot live without, if we want to keep a roof over our heads and food in our tummies, and if we want heating and lighting. We work extremely hard to get enough money just to survive these days!

The Bible (1 Timothy 6:10) says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil . . .” and when you think about it, it’s scary how true this is. How many crimes are committed daily by people greedy for more and more money? Further, how many innocent victims are injured or killed in the pursuit of this greed?

But there’s more than one way to hurt someone while coveting cash . . .



Ethan lounged in his penthouse surrounded by the best money could buy. Expensive antiques and original paintings by Monet graced the exquisitely decorated room. The view of Central Park and New York was breathtaking.

He clutched a hand-written note in his manicured fingers, his designer-clad legs tucked under him. A tear rolled down his face, one of many he’d shed since finding her letter.

Ethan couldn’t understand why she’d left. He gave her the best of everything – except his time. He was so busy adding to his extensive fortune he’d lost sight of what was really important. And now he’d lost her.

He recalled his mother’s advice: “Make time for love, my son, it’s the one thing money can’t buy.”

Now it was too late.


#BlogFlash2013 Day 17 – Water

Water plays such a huge part in everyone’s life; cooking and drinking, showering, washing clothes, and nurturing plants, to name but a few. We need water to grow crops so we can eat. Water is essential in our rivers and oceans to keep our world balanced. There are many ways to write about the impact of water in our lives, but today I’ve chosen an aspect I feel strongly about.



Having clean water on tap is something we take for granted. It’s always there, always available and we can drink it to our heart’s content. But not everyone is so lucky . . .

When I watch the adverts on TV for charities like Water Aid and see young children from under-developed countries scooping dirty water from puddles and drinking it, I get a lump in my throat.

No child, anywhere in the world, should have to drink filthy, disease-ridden water, especially in the twenty-first century.

If every one of us donated just ONE dollar/pound, how many lives would we save?


#BlogFlash2013 Day 16 – Community

I want to dedicate this post to a very special group of people – my colleagues and friends at my publishing group.



Eight months ago, I was invited to join Myrddin Publishing Group, a community of indie authors dedicated to supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence.

At the time, I was the unpublished newbie in a sea of published authors, most of whom had an established fan base, and I felt something of a fraud. Who was I to rub shoulders with this elite group?

From day one, I was welcomed. The community ensured I was included in everything and felt comfortable.

The support I’ve received from them has been incredible; I’m so thankful and love them all dearly.

MP Oak BEST light