I Am Blessed! (Blog Tour – week 3)

It’s not until you undertake something like a Blog Tour that you realise just how supportive the writing community is and what good friends you’ve made during your journey.

Every single cast member of my Blog Tour have gone out of their way to promote not only their own posts, but those of others in the tour. Each person has presented their posts in a wonderful and appealing way to give followers and readers the best experience they can. Some have been rather creative in their presentations too, which is only to be expected really as we writers are a creative bunch! [chuckles]

On social media platforms, mainly Twitter and Facebook, information has been shared and retweeted by other authors not taking part in the Blog Tour – such is the ethos in the writing world: Authors Helping Authors. I’ve been gobsmacked by the support I’ve received thus far and we still have a week of the tour to go! What other surprises have they in store for me? I can’t help but wonder.

I truly feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community and thank everyone for their fabulous efforts on my behalf in bringing news of Heart Search: Lost to the world.

We’ve only got one week to go until the climax of the tour on All Hallows Eve, so let’s finish this as we started, with lots of noise and an almighty BANG! And if you haven’t entered the fab giveaway yet, get in quick! The answer you seek is in my previous post and the link for the giveaway is in the sidebar! Good Luck!


5 thoughts on “I Am Blessed! (Blog Tour – week 3)

  1. It IS all about helping each other up instead of stepping on each other’s faces, for sure! If the entire indie movement is to be successful, we have to help one another. Some of the best books I’ve read, yours included , are inde books! Indie books are the new frontier, wild, rough and and untamed but full of that spark which makes for some incredible reading!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Connie. I’ve found so many great Indie books, yours included, which I wouldn’t normally have seen. I firmly believe in helping other Indie authors and do so whenever I can – I’m just blown away, and so grateful, for all the support given by others during my launch and felt it was important to acknowledge it! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed dong the Tour, Joy. You’ve been fabulous!! I’m kinda sad too, but with NaNoWriMo starting 1st November, I couldn’t see me managing both which is why I picked All Hallows Eve as the end date (plus it’s quite appropriate, don’t you think? Lol). 🙂

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