The Great Unveiling

Well, after all my teasing, the time has finally come for me to keep my promise to you.

So, drumroll please…


And applause please…….

Come on, you can do better than that, and while we’re at it, let have some cheering too….

It gives me great pride and pleasure to introduce the trailer for Heart Search: Lost. I hope you think it’s as fantastic as I do!



I want to thank the wonderful Connie Johnson-Jasperson for making this trailer for me. It made her eyes bleed and her hands tremble (her words), but I’m sure you’ll agree all her hard work and hours spent putting this together has been well worth it.

Connie Johnson-Jasperson


29 thoughts on “The Great Unveiling

    • Thank you for doing such an awesome job for me!! I can’t wait for the release either & I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Joshua – nice bit of eye candy that’s for sure! Lol 😀

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  2. Awesome, Carlie. I can hardly think with all the clapping and cheering. lol Congratulations. I love the cover!!! and the trailer is awesome. Who wouldn’t want this book after all that?

  3. Hi Carlie. Just checking in to let you know I’ve been tweeting about your book like mad!

    I hope your surgery went well. Take time to recuperate and get your strength back. We will all be here waiting:)

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