One Day To Go Before The Unveiling

Yes, I know I’m being a wicked tease again, but I promise you it’s worth waiting for.

Tomorrow will see the unveiling of a world exclusive. A world exclusive what? I hear you cry in exasperation.

All I can say is you’ll find out tomorrow, but it’s the last unveiling before the Blog Tour starts, so it has to be something rather special, right?

Oh and by the way, I’m hoping to get a countdown clock for the site in preparation for the release of Heart Search: Lost. And yes, I’m trying to distract you from the fact that right now you probably want to throttle me for keeping you in suspense! But as I said – it’s worth it, Trust me!

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


8 thoughts on “One Day To Go Before The Unveiling

    • Hi Jimmy,
      I know, but it’s such fun being a tease! Lmao!
      Nothing has happened since the cover & book blurb unveiling.
      I’m sorry but you ARE gonna have to wait one more day and you can grumble all you like! LOL
      The next big thing after tomorrow will be the book launch on 8th October, but there will be info leading up to it!! 😀


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