2 Days Before Next Unveiling

Hello Everyone,

Just a little reminder that we only have two days to go before the next special unveiling for Heart Search: Lost. This will be the last item to be unveiled before the official launch date and start of the Blog Tour on 8th October.

Hmmm, what could it be? I hear you ask. Book cover? Seen it! Book blurb? Seen that too!

Well in just two days time you’ll find out, won’t you? And yes I know, I’m a wicked tease! (Sorry – teehee)


10 thoughts on “2 Days Before Next Unveiling

    • I know I am and it’s fun, lol. Aww thank you. After this next unveiling things will go a little quiet for a few days as I’m going into hospital, but when I’m out, I’m going to try and get a countdown clock for the site leading up to the launch. I don’t think WordPress does one – I’ll have to check!

      • I hope everything goes great for you in the hospital. Prayers will be sent your way!
        It seems I googled for a countdown clock before and found several that would work on wordpress. You might try that.

        • Thanks for the tip about the countdown clock, Laura. I’ll check into it!

          Thank you for your kind words, prayers and good wishes for my surgery – I’ll be back before you know it!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Donna. Your support means a great deal to me. Thank you also for your good wishes & prayers – it’s so kind of you.
      By the way, have you checked your emails/FB messages today?? 🙂

      • I received your email Carlie; however, did not receive any FB messages but ‘Hiya.’ Working on interview questions now and will send quick. The ‘blog subject’ I do not understand.

        • That’s weird coz i sent the FB mesage before I did the email.
          When you signed up for the tour, you ticked the box for a guest blog post as well as the other things. As I have about 20 posts to do, I’m having to ask people what they want me to write about hence the request for the blog subject. ‘Up to you’ is not an acceptable answer, lol. 🙂
          Thanks for getting the interview questions sorted. I should be able to give you your posting dates tomorrow! 😮

        • I’m sorry to let you down Carlie; I didn’t understand and haven’t done a blog hop. Honestly, I haven’t received any messages, so if it’s trouble fagetaboud me. I’m sorry to be a hindrance Gal.I don’t see the interview answers…am I missing something Carlie ?

  1. First of all, just chill! You haven’t let me down at all and you’re definitely not a hindrance – quite the opposite!!! You’ve done a fantastic job so far, better than most in fact, so take a deep breath and CHILL!
    You’ve provided me with the interview questions which I’ll be working on tomorrow, so that’s all good, fine and dandy! I’ll be sending the answers to you a couple of days before they are due to go ‘live’ on your blog.

    The blog post is a completely separate issue. You’ve requested that I write a guest post to appear on your blog during the dates of the Blog Tour. All I need from you is a subject, prompt or something like that for me to write the post about. If you think back to the BlogFlash we did with Terri, we had a prompt for each day to write about and that’s what I need from you. I can pen something about a particular writing subject, i.e. Grammar, How To Make Your Characters Realistic. Show Not Tell, or if you want, you can give me a prompt like Terri did and a word count (it would need to be a bit longer than Terri’s though, perhaps something like 250/300/350 words) and I’ll write it. Does that make more sense now?

    You also chose an excerpt – I will pick an excerpt from the book for you to introduce and post on your site. Again this will be sent a couple of days before it’s due to appear.

    Finally, you chose to host a giveaway. This will be done via Rafflecopter. I will send you the link to upload it to your site, probably the day before the Tour starts. This remains on your site until the tour finishes. (most people put it in a side bar so it appears next to the posts, but I believe you can move it around as you wish on your site) This is something else you can promote and you can also enter yourself for a chance to win one of the prizes! I’m just waiting for the last item to arrive and then I can take a photo of it all.

    Each activity you picked will appear on a different day as you will see when you get the dates from me tomorrow via email.

    Please don’t be worried about asking if there’s anything you don’t understand. I’d rather you asked me the same question 6 times than get yourself in a tizzy. You’re not the only person taking part that’s never done a Blog Tour before so I’m guiding a few people along the way. Does all this make sense to you now? If not, please tell me what’s not clear and I’ll help you – just make sure you get all your questions in by 6pm GMT Wednesday!

    Carlie xx

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