Launch Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed reading the #BlogFlash2012 posts as much as I did writing them!

Now I have some exciting news – I’m preparing for the launch of Heart Search: Lost (is that a few hurrahs I hear?? Lol) through Myrddin Publishing. I will be running a blog tour with giveaways and I thought, what better way to start kicking things off than by sharing the news with my faithful followers.

I’m looking for people who would be willing to support the blog tour by hosting reviews, interviews and blog posts and as a thank you for your ongoing support, I thought I’d give you the first opportunity to jump on board the tour bus before I advertise it further afield.

I haven’t got the exact dates yet – I’m waiting for one more thing to fall into place – but I’m looking at end September/beginning of October. Sorry this is a bit vague, but I will be having surgery on my spine sometime this month and am waiting for the date, and this will affect when we ‘go live’

The tour will run for two weeks and I want as many people as possible involved. However, I will be limiting the number of reviews of the book and it will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Also, because of the content in the book and the genre, it would help if reviewers are fantasy fans! So we get an even spread of coverage, each person involved will be allocated a date for their post to appear.

If you are interested in hosting on the tour please either leave me a message below or email me at carlie-c2011 AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk and put ‘Blog Tour’ in the subject line, stating which you would prefer to do. I will hold off advertising outside until Friday 7th September, so you’ll need to get back to me by then.

Finally, I wanted the unveiling of the cover to be exclusive to my lovely followers, so drum roll please …………..No, louder than that …………… (that’s better! lol)

Here it is:

I hope to hear from you very soon!


13 thoughts on “Launch Update

  1. I’m not set up to do tours or interviews. I do love the cover and will help you promo on FB and Twitter. Don’t forget to use GOODREADS for giveaways. I’m sure you’ll get a buzz over there and make some new fans. Looking forward to reading the entire story. Best wishes with the surgery and everything. Enjoy, MG

    • Hi MG,
      Thank you for your support. Thank you also for the tip about Goodreads – I’ll definitely consider that. Your good wishes mean a great deal to me – thank you, my friend!
      Carlie xo

    • Hi Jimmy,
      Thanks – I love it. I was given a choice of about 8-10 covers, but this one just stood out by miles. I didn’t do it myself – it was done by a wonderful lady called Nicole Antonia Carson.
      I’m sure your cover will be received favourably!
      Thanks for your good wishes and I wish you every success with yours too!


  2. Hi Carlie,
    Love the cover – very clean and inticing 🙂
    I’ll do my bit also with tweets and facebook and can’t wait to buy the book! My blog is about to go live, but I fear it won’t have readers enough that quickly to be worth offering to host anything this time around – maybe for the next one…

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thanks – I love the cover too 😀
      Thank you for your very kind offer to help promote the book with tweets and facebook – as they say, every little helps – and I really would appreciate it! Thank you.
      Send me the link to your blog when it goes live – maybe I’ll be your 1st follower 😀 Good luck with it!

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