She’s Back!

Hi Everyone,

Some of you must have been wondering why I suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth so close to the book launch. Allow me to enlighten you. I’ve been in hospital having surgery on my spine – good enough reason?

Anyway, I’m now home, rather sore and unable to sit for longer than five minutes at a time, but it’s amazing what you can adapt to when you have to!!

So with 8 days to go until the big launch, I have a million and one things to do for the launch and Blog Tour, so I’d better get cracking!!


The Great Unveiling

Well, after all my teasing, the time has finally come for me to keep my promise to you.

So, drumroll please…


And applause please…….

Come on, you can do better than that, and while we’re at it, let have some cheering too….

It gives me great pride and pleasure to introduce the trailer for Heart Search: Lost. I hope you think it’s as fantastic as I do!



I want to thank the wonderful Connie Johnson-Jasperson for making this trailer for me. It made her eyes bleed and her hands tremble (her words), but I’m sure you’ll agree all her hard work and hours spent putting this together has been well worth it.

Connie Johnson-Jasperson

One Day To Go Before The Unveiling

Yes, I know I’m being a wicked tease again, but I promise you it’s worth waiting for.

Tomorrow will see the unveiling of a world exclusive. A world exclusive what? I hear you cry in exasperation.

All I can say is you’ll find out tomorrow, but it’s the last unveiling before the Blog Tour starts, so it has to be something rather special, right?

Oh and by the way, I’m hoping to get a countdown clock for the site in preparation for the release of Heart Search: Lost. And yes, I’m trying to distract you from the fact that right now you probably want to throttle me for keeping you in suspense! But as I said – it’s worth it, Trust me!

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

2 Days Before Next Unveiling

Hello Everyone,

Just a little reminder that we only have two days to go before the next special unveiling for Heart Search: Lost. This will be the last item to be unveiled before the official launch date and start of the Blog Tour on 8th October.

Hmmm, what could it be? I hear you ask. Book cover? Seen it! Book blurb? Seen that too!

Well in just two days time you’ll find out, won’t you? And yes I know, I’m a wicked tease! (Sorry – teehee)

Guest Post from Mia Hoddell

I’ve got a treat for you today! I’m delighted to introduce a very talented author who has two books published and has kindly written a post for us about her writing and influences.

Drumroll please, for the lovely Mia Hoddell . . .

Mia Hoddell










Hi everyone! Here’s a little about me, my writing and influences.

During high school English lessons my teacher used to make us review a different book we had read every month. However because I was never interested in reading/writing until 2009, I used to make up my own books, which I got away with for a while (probably should have followed the hint then). Up until this point I was more interested in sports and art, and originally wanted to be an artist. Later on though, I discovered some books by Julia Golding which really interested me so from then on I have developed a love of both reading and writing.

I began writing short stories that all included paranormal aspects. My first one was about a WW1 soldiers who died in battle then returned as a lost soul and was forced to walk the battlefield for eternity. I love anything paranormal so my ideas and writing generally includes some aspects of this or fit into the paranormal genre. This may change in the future, but for now the ideas in my head (about nine of them) are all paranormal.

The short story I had written about the WW1 soldier helped me to develop the main theme of The Wanderers Trilogy. Also a song on youtube (SomewhereNowhere – Cinephile) helped generate the images for the first scene in The Sheol. I started writing about the clear image I had in my head of a woman wearing black and standing on the edge of a cliff while the sun set. And from there the story slowly developed. I hadn’t really thought it through up until that point though; all I knew was I wanted a strong female lead and something to do with lost souls.

Once I had finally planned the whole trilogy, I had no trouble finding suitable names for most of my characters. For Kala, I looked up names with the meaning “darkness,” to fit in with the dark paranormal romance theme, and after looking at a few websites, Kala seemed perfect. After that most of the other names seemed to fall in place; all but Nachtmahr’s anyway. I had written the whole book before finding him a name, just using a few dashes instead (something I later regretted when I had to go back and edit it all). I spent three days trying to find a suitable name for him before finally settling on Nachtmahr – meaning nightmare in German. I’m very picky with names and if I have the slightest doubt, I will not use it, even if it does take me days to find a replacement.

I wrote during my summer holidays and would stay up until 4am writing, just losing myself in the story. However, by the time I reached chapter 6, I had run out of holiday and was stuck with a heavy work load so my writing was put on hold for two years. I was finally able to get back to my novel though as I was desperate to finish it and made my writing my priority. I spent 4hours minimum writing everyday and within two weeks I had finished The Sheol.

For me the task of writing the book seemed easier than inventing a title at this point; and there was also the editing. I originally settled on ‘Earthbound’ but it didn’t seem right so I decided to keep it simple and use the main dark supernatural force ‘The Sheol’ (meaning a place where the dead congregate) as the title. After this, three painful months were spent editing before I shot photos for the cover and uploaded my first book to Amazon. From there on the sequels to The Wanderer Trilogy have been created and I have more ideas I am working on, all from different influences; some real life and some from dreams.

Thank you, Mia, for sharing this with us.

For more information about Mia and her books, keep scrolling down!

The Sheol – the first book in The Wanderer Trilogy.

Being a trained killer, Kala can handle most things the world throws at her. However, when she murders her fiancé, Kala’s life is thrown into chaos. Forced to leave everything behind, she runs from city to city, in fear of her psychotic boss who is seeking her death. If that wasn’t enough, she also has to cope with the re-appearance of her dead fiancé who is struggling to keep a hold on his sanity as he strives for revenge.

Book trailer:

The Flawless – the second book in The Wanderer Trilogy.

A battle is going to arise soon; The Sheol and The Flawless will come together but only one can survive to continue their manipulation of humankind. The Wanderers have to decide whether to summon the courage to fight so they can save themselves from eternal unrest or whether they like being lost, immortal souls. Nachtmahr is upgrading his Sturmmen to create more ruthless and efficient killers due to interference from The Sheol, while Kala is becoming darker; her rage consuming her as she strives to fulfill her own personal mission…Kill Nachtmahr.



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Twitter: @MiaHoddell –



Also available at Barnes & Nobel and iBooks

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The Big Cover Reveal

Hi Everyone,

In preparation for the forthcoming launch and Blog Tour, this weekend sees the official unveiling of the Heart Search: Lost cover and book blurb to an unsuspecting public.

A large number of bloggers who have signed up to jump on the Tour bus have posted it today and others will do it tomorrow. If you see a link to it on Twitter, please retweet it or share it on Facebook/Pinterest/Google+ or wherever you hang out.

It’s very interesting for me to see how inventive some people have been with this cover reveal so far. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

The next tasty teaser will be in about 9 days time, so keep your eyes peeled for further news. And yes, that’s all I’m going to tell you. No you’re not going to get any hints – well not yet anyway…

Watch this space!!


Hi Everyone.

Things are absolutely hectic at the moment so I’m sorry I haven’t been posting; I’ve been busy organising the Blog Tour for the upcoming launch of Heart Search: Lost. I’ve also been procuring some fantastic giveaways including a Kindle, jewellery, goodie bags and lots of other items.

I can now announce the dates for the Blog Tour: 8th October to 31st October inclusive.

Those of you who have signed up to participate will be receiving an email tomorrow regarding the dates of your posts, plus information of two advance reveals and your Blog Tour badge.

It’s not too late to join in – just fill out the form under the Blog Tour tab and get it to me as soon as possible. Anyone who’s never done one before, but would like to take part or wants further information, just reply to this post or drop me an email.

Thank you for all your support.