Masquerade #BlogFlash2012

Hi. It’s the penultimate day of #BlogFlash2012 and I’ve broken the rules a little by going over my word limit. The story just seemed to take over as my fingers glided across the keyboard. So here, on Day 29 with the prompt of Masquerade, is my tale.


She was a vision as she stood at the side of the grand ballroom sipping from a dainty glass. Her royal blue gown matched her eyes perfectly and her elaborate silver mask complimented her dress to perfection.

A palpable air of excitement permeated the huge room and infected everyone attending. She felt gay and a little reckless instead of her normal shy self and idly wondered if the drink in her hand was responsible.

A man strode toward her, smiling. A fluttering began in her stomach. He bowed before her, extended his hand and asked her to dance. She nodded and smiled, placing the glass on a table beside her. He took her in his strong arms and waltzed her onto the dance floor. She inhaled his musky scent then looked at his face to see he was gazing into her eyes. Oblivious to those around them they cavorted around the floor, never breaking eye contact.

Whirling around and around, dance after dance she began to feel lightheaded. His lips brushed hers gently and he whispered in her ear “You’re mine now.” Her heart was filled with joy and his lips grazing hers once more was the last thing she remembered . . .


21 thoughts on “Masquerade #BlogFlash2012

  1. Great twist…gorgeous imagery and romance, then such a dark turn at the end. I’ve really enjoyed your writing Carlie!

      • I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, but having work is good to try to take your mind off it. I’m no stranger to back problems having got injured at work a few years back. No surgery, plenty of pain though. Good luck with yours Carlie. :0)

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