Frog #BlogFlash2012

Hi. We’re getting ever closer to the end of #BlogFlash2012 as it’s now Day 28. Today’s prompt is Frog. I thought at the beginning it was rather a random prompt compared to some of the others we’ve had yet when I began to think of the possibilities, it was surprising how many different ways I could write about it. This is what I settled on. I hope you like it.



I remember my mum telling me in my teenage years, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince”. This resonated with me as my love of writing stemmed from reading fairy tales as a child, one of which was the Princess and the Frog.

I believe you can find true love more than once, but only one soulmate who grabs your heart in a way no other can.

I’ve kissed a few frogs trying to find my prince and a couple of times I thought I had, but was wrong. One day perhaps I’ll find him . . .



16 thoughts on “Frog #BlogFlash2012

    • Hi Elaine, thank you for your lovely words – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m also extremely pleased that I keep surprising you – it tells me my posts are varied and entertaining (assuming you meant surprising you in a good way, lol) 🙂

    • Hi Lisa. Thank you for your lovely words and sentiments. TBH I’m not looking at the moment – with all the writing and editing I’ve got to do – he wouldn’t get a look in, lol 😮

    • Hi Candy, that fairytale was one of my favourites, I must admit. I would be enjoying my freedom under normal circumstances and tbh I really don’t want a man in my life right at this moment! 😉

  1. I totally understand…those frogs are tricky characters! I’ve decided to stop kissing frogs and wait for a knight in shining armor to arrive on his trusty white steed!! 🙂

    • Hi Lizzie. Glad you liked the post and the cute froggy. I’ve been through way too many frogs and quite a few toads too! Right now I’m enjoying not having anyone to answer to & besides, I’ve got too much on my plate to pay any attention to a man at the moment. Lol 😀

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